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  1. Stop being an ass, Astro. A friend and I were talking about the new Trek movie and he was telling how they didn't build any of their larger ships on a planets surface. I said "what about the Galaxy class on the surface of Mars" and he said something about it being a training facility.


    Now, if I really did care and got picky about it, I would've asked him for specific references and a 10 page write up including footnotes so I can find the references he's citing and confirm them on my own... but honestly, I just took his word for it.


    I would have asked for the write up. There is nothing to indicate that galaxy is a training facility. Training for what anyway? Why a galaxy class? That is an incredibly large starship to be wasted and used as a training facility.

  2. yea, I'm very sure. I think the episode is called "Rascals". Where the ferengi fire on the enterprise, and then seize control of it. I remember because, at the time, the cg for the enterprise taking off and landing was incredible. Also Reiker did that, completely unnecessary, dive when he locked the bridge commands.


    If you remember, the captain, the bar tender (woopy goldberg), and the bajorin all get turned into kids. Those kids take back the enterprise from the ferengi (with the help of Reiker). It was a two parter, if I recall correctly.


    The Enterprise D never landed. Specially in that episode, it was not a two parter either. I think you are getting confused with the 37's from voyager.

  3. I wonder what the Falcon would look like after the franchise falls into new hands.


    Quarter pounder with cheese next to a squid.


    The trailer is out on monday on the official film website. Reportedly this shot isn't in it, you only see it being constructed on Earth and the ship going to warp.

  4. I have to say, i like the design. The torpedo launchers and the thrusters are scaled smaller which is better as the launchers on the refit were too big considering they launch human-sized torpedoes. I'm surprised the neck is angled so far back but it has the added benefit of making the deflector dish a more prominent feature. I don't like the nacelles though. They remind me of 60's headlights, but they seem to taper off into an Enterprise-E style.


    They're are parts of that design you do kind of wonder, why did they change it? I think it will grow on me but in one way i think and i mean think Jeffries would have approved.


    At the end of the day i just think, they redesigned the enterprise for TMP and threw in the fact that it was a refit and everyone was fine with it. Just one word. Despite the fact that the actual body of the ship had changed, if it was a refit, they took everything out and built up from the framework. It blatently was not a refit, but we were fine with it.


    I'm giving these guys the benefit of the doubt because they haven't made everything and tried to clumsily explain how it all fits it into canon.

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