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  1. My itinerary?


    I'm going by myself so don't worry i'll be alert. Just want a place to disappear for a week and get away from the real world for abit. Mainly going to do the Star Trek experience (childhood dream here) before it finally closes, other than that i'll probably be coasting in the casinos every night.


    The trick is not to spend all my money because i kind of left my job so i could go on holiday (they would'nt give me the time off). So when i get back i'm going to be screwed. The plan is, if i like America that much, i'm gonna go back there next year and travel for as long as i possibly can.


    A silly thing to do as alot of people told me, but if you don't force yourself into gear, you stay just still. Things were beginning to stagnate anyway.

  2. Yeah, so i'm going to Las Vegas on the 16th, i have made a list of a few places i want to go including a few casinos, stratosphere, Star Trek the Experience and some out of the way firing range. I just wanted to know if anyone has been before and what they went to see. If not, i'd love to read your opinions on Vegas as a whole and what you would do there if you went.

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