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  1. I love how that celery one changed into apple then vigorous sex.
  2. I am vaguely reminded of Twitch.
  3. I have never really been patriotic or proud for my country. I don't really know why, but i just never understood it. I respect other people fight for it and fight in the name of it but personally i don't contribute like that in my current job role like others do. If anything, i have more respect for America than i do for England. It's so big and mighty.
  4. ...When the rest of the world consisted of 14 houses and a road. Anything beyond that was fiction.
  5. All i read was a comparison with Miley Cyrus and Hitler and then i stopped reading.
  6. Man, I'm genuinely looking forward to this. It's what I've been waiting for.
  7. Yet another thread piledrives into crap. Yeah i found something weird. I went onto Wikipedia to search on Tabby cats, came back out three hours later having a complete knowledge of all media relating to 2001 A Space Odyssey.
  8. Man i'm sorry for you Aash, but we should swap shoes sometime. The s**t would really hit the fan then.
  9. You can have some of my lovely body fat if you want. If i got that tattoo, it'd look like a splattered pigeon.
  10. Mhmm han you seem like an interesting fellow so i'll say hi!
  11. I can't see how good carrying a gun would be in this type of situation. The government might as well issue permits for the public to carry knives to defend themselves. To me that's like fighting fire with fire. In America the second amendment has been established for so long, the public are used to it. I understand that and respect it. But over here, that sort of thing would tear the country apart. Not the guns themselves or the crimes that are committed with them, but the media coverage of it would send people into a panic alone. Besides, i'd much rather face my killer than have him pick me off at a distance.
  12. A bird bursting from your chest! I'd much rather see a chest bursting from a bird but to each his own. Kudos to your tattoo! P.S: Ignore the doubting parents on the thread, youth rocks.
  13. Looks mind-numbingly boring to me, I think I'll pass.
  14. Epic Anything by Globus too. Diem Ex Dei for one.
  15. My theory: Eitherway, it was a really good episode and it opens a tiny little door that...
  16. Some sort of morbid curiosity kicks in here but i would be totally interested to see pictures of that place as they went inside. If it was truly comparible to being frozen in time like they said, that sort of thing fascinates the crap outta me. Freakiest 'n' I've ever seen on these boards.
  17. Not necessarily. She could have been a time-traveller.
  18. Please for the love of god let her be the next 10 season's companion.
  19. I had heard it mentioned so i bought the series without high hopes and it completely blew me away. I absolutely love it, got Serenity immediately afterwards and now it's my favourite film. After about a month of word dropping it into every sentence, i convinced my sister who hates sci-fi to watch it. She loved it too! That did shock me.
  20. Imagine she had a PS3 plugged into her television. Now that would be creepy.
  21. The Man comes around by Johnny Cash. It was in the Terminator: Scc finale and i loved it. Was such a cool scene.
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