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  1. I know what you mean. It's like they went all out on detail on their faces, goes to show how determined they were at the start of the game and then they were told the deadline. Thats the way i see it. The face i found disturbing was Zez-Kai Ell (i think) the one with the big village people tash. Scared the hell outta me, he looks like some bizarre ex 70's police officer.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. I did try that conversation response where he reaveals the hatch in the starboard cabin but it didnt unlock anything. Also, Vaguely i remember there was a lab station in the medical room on the ebon hawk for the tutorial then it disappeared for the rest of the game. I wonder why they did that.
  3. I believe it is easier to get his attention by poking your nose in the Refugee camp, do any and all tasks there and it initiates something. Try a few conversations with people down there.
  4. A tactic i used was sending my two characters in while i used force revive and heal. It took a while but i believed Atton and Bao'Dur loved it.
  5. Personally, for a finishing touch to the game, i would like hilt customisation. Other items include other races besides human (i always related to the ithorians) and segmented clothing. Segmented clothing meaning armour that is in different pieces instead of one big suit. The majority of the armour you could wear in kotor always looked the same as the next one with exceptions. I would like it if you could like wear armour legs but a Jedi robe over them. Giving you more encumberance but reducing the effectiveness of force powers such as Lightning. Other than all of that, i believe there should be no radical changes to the game engine.
  6. Hi i have played Kotor 2 about 7 times now and each time i have found something new out about things, However, there are three things that confuse me still. These may be due to cut content in the game but id appreaciate someone elses comments. 1: What was the purpose of that HK droid in the old Ithorian Research Facility that explodes after about 4 steps when you re activate it? 2. Why did that Twi'Lek in the Pazaak den want to play Pazaak with Bao'Dur? 3. What happens to that man who says that he owns the Ebon Hawk? I think i have been through every conversation response with him and i heared he shows you the location of a new Cargo compartment that you can access after Nar Shaddaa.
  7. Yes sorry i was half way to sleep last night writing this. Just to clarify, im not saying that Kreia should be in the next game, my head exploded trying to figure out what Kreia is in the past few weeks, nay months. She should just appear as a memory like bastila was in Kotor 2. As for the combat side of this. Bare in mind that this is an outline of the story and not the combat content. The main combat of the game is up to you to decide on the basis of the story outline. Maybe the typical pirates and denizens vying for power and trying to fill the empty void of the Sith, therefore trying to attack known Jedi. As this game would look at the faith of the Jedi and the Sith, i feel that alot of character interaction should be wavering views on who the True Sith really are and if your party members respect your beliefs. Also we may not even see the True Sith ingame but we do interact with them, if you get my meaning. It's all very cryptic Kreia-istic stuff. I'd just like to hear a few interpretations from other people about this. I get the feeling though that Kotor 3 needs to explain abit more about the last two games but leave some questions unanswered. You have to admit though Hallucination, the sight of Sion leaning over to Vandar Tokare's desk getting the answers of the the great 'True Sith Test 2006' while saying, "Don't mind me" would be an awesome sight...
  8. Hello, I think this is my first post although I signed up a while ago. I have looked at this Kotor forum alot but never actually had anything to post until now so don't flame me for being a nublet. I have read some fantastic posts in all threads in the Kotor forum and I thank you all for providing me with hours of insight and interesting reading during my boring ICT lessons. While on the toilet yesterday, I was thinking of Kreia (as you do) and thought what if she goes deeper than this beyond Dark Side, Nihilistic hater of all life and the force. Maybe she is a True Sith. Ignoring all other conceptions including that she might be Kae (HAHAHAHA...ahem) and other possible stories. What if she is/was one of the original Sithari (sp?) yes having been a Jedi and Going back to the Dark Side like a Yo-Yo. I know what you’re thinking but hold on this will make sense in a minute. Here's my concept: The True Sith were the badass Darksiders who spawned the cult of The Sith we all know and love today. They lived X amount of years before Kotor doing they're bad things then leaving the galaxy for pastures new. In all those thousands possibly hundreds of thousands, or dare I say millions of years, the True Sith changed. They still exist but they are these ultimate Light side wiser than Yoda higher plain of understanding people. Now these people see the Jedi and the Sith as a petty fight which they observe but do not interfere. Besides, they really don't keep a close tabs on galactic events. This Light side Sith concept would be a fantastic twist on Kotor 3 as it is almost a dead cert the True Sith will be a big subject in Kotor 3. People are expecting the True Sith to be the ultimate battle royale in Star Wars history. Instead, we explore the history of the True Sith and find out how they have influenced life in the known universe and that there is a higher existence all Light and Dark should try to reach. The state of pure energy and peace. Despite the last two paragraphs, try and veer away from a Sith in a VW Camper van with a make-love-not-war sticker on it, image. The main battle here is between the Sith and the True Sith, now this is the epic part. We look a little deeper and find out who Nihilus was (Possibly a car salesman or whatever but who knows, I'm not going into detail on that) and introduce two bog standard Sith Lords into this game. But now here’s the money shot, we see the Sith beginning to crack under the pressure, they question they’re faith. There will be the slight manly tear from a Sith Lords eye and this is something that will twist your heart, imagine someone like Sion saying: - “I do not understand. This is trickery, Jedi trickery” it’s tearing at the fabric of the Sith. Now the purpose behind this is that the good guys always win, known fact in all movies and games in the end. With the Jedi practically beaten and questioning themselves in the first two Kotor games, it would be very interesting to see the morals of the Sith (oh yes they have them) picked apart and a Sith Lord destroyed not by Lightsaber but by words alone. (Possibly the final battle) In the end, something happens (Dunno what) maybe with the defeat of the Current Sith Lord who is possibly not killed but left in a crazed heap begging for redemption (camera slowly zooming out with epic music) while his apprentice (watching the whole thing) sees this all as just Jedi trickery and returns to his roots of evil and takes over his Masters place as Dark Lord restoring the Dark/Light constant in the galaxy as there always is and always will be. The True Sith fade back into the fabric of the universe with a slightly changed perspective on events of the galaxy but are still as cryptic as Kreia’s Sudoku puzzle book. Didn’t you mention Kreia at the beginning? Yes. Yes I did. Kreia was the grand manipulator of events in Kotor 2 and by what she says, she pulled a few strings behind the scenes in Kotor 1 as well. I thought to myself, why not capitalize this and see Kreia as a True Sith who was too curious. Curious enough to get involved with galactic events and become all the things she was (Lightside, Darkside and a Darth too!) She blended in subtely with the galaxy but because of her nature as an uber Lightsided True Sith, it showed her up which is why Kreia is hard to identify as a Sith or Jedi as she could not blend in with both. (Remember, to the True Sith who are uber Lightside, the Jedi are like kids saying they want to be Superman when they are older[Likewise with the Sith]). Also, because Kreia was at heart into the tapestry of the universe being a True Sith and all, she was able to predict the future events for Exile as her last gift of advice (if you could call it that). Amazing what you clock while on the Khazi. Eh?
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