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  1. ROFL, just re-read my post.. LOL boy did I write that down wrong. What I wanted to say, It wouldn`t surprise me why they are changing the whole game the way they are...is to fit it on the game consoles with on-line capabilities... Another thing... Ìf there reason for changing a whole bunch of stuff on the game is because it's too hard to manage. Isn't that like admitting they can do the job? Or just poor project management on their part for not realising the implication on the long term? LOL
  2. I honnestly think that this games looks more and more like a console game now. Been watching my brother play this game for over a year now (and played a bit under his name to get a feel for the game), and I was going to buy it. Now I'm not to sure... Less professions.. Don't need to work and play hard to become a Jedi ( didn't Yoda talk about training and the deepest commitment to become a Jedi ). Boom of the bat, you're a Jedi, that turns me off... Espescially since it took my bro 6 months of playing to become one... For some reason, don't ask me why, SOE is changing the game entirely so they can fit it on one of the new game consoles.. XBox 360 and the up coming PS3 and still play online... my 2 cents... LoneFerret
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