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  1. Thank you commander obi for answering. I have wondered that Dooku Emperor thing. It would be awesome if someone gamemakers could answer... Emperor is my favourite character but it i dont want to play with him because IMO Dooku is better.
  2. Hello everyone! BF2 is amazing game and i have couple questions about heroes. Lets look first Obi, Luke and Maul. Obi has "obiwans light saber" Luke has "lightsaber" and Maul has "doublesaber". What is best in certain situation? Their force powers are same, i think they are almost "same" character, only different looks. Is Yodas push as effective as Lukes? Example. Yoda has push and pull. Why almost 2 same power? Does Yoda have something else? Anakin and Vader same powers but Vader is 10 times worse with saber skills. Anyone think that Vader is better with saber than Anakin? Is Vaders grip more power full than Ani's? Dooku and Emperor same powers. Dooku is better with saber, why? Emperor better force? I havent noticed. Is saber block useful against other hero? I think it's useful only against infantry. Share your thoughts.
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