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  1. I finally got mine working. Not sure why this helped, but I deleted my driver for my video card and reinstalled an old version. Then it was working fine.
  2. Yes, very annoyed. I got a reply from lucas tech team that went like this. It didn't help me, but it may give you some luck. Please attempt to run the game with the sound code modified to see if you might be experiencing a sound hardware or sound driver related problem. To do this, locate the BattlefrontII.exe file in the game's GameData folder on your harddrive and create a special shortcut to this file to start the game. If you installed the game to the default folder (C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II) use the following instructions: - Open My Computer - Open the "C:" local drive - Open the "Program Files" folder - Open the "LucasArts" folder - Open the "Star Wars Battlefront II" folder - Open the "GameData" folder - Right-click the "BattlefrontII.exe" file and click Create Shortcut - Right-click the new "Shortcut to BattlefrontII.exe" file and click Properties. - Go to the end of the Target field and add /audiomixbuffer so it appears as follows: "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\BattlefrontII.exe" /audiomixbuffer 40 - Click Apply and OK - Right-click the new "Shortcut to BattlefrontII.exe" file once more and click Copy. - Close the window and right-click an empty area of your Windows desktop and click paste to place a copy of this new shortcut on your desktop. You should right-click the shortcut and rename it "BattlefrontII audiomixbuffer". Place the Battlefront II Disc 1 in the drive and exit the launcher menu when it appears. Next, launch the game using the new "Battlefront II audiomixbuffer" shortcut on your desktop to see if the game runs fine (while using this commandline switch).
  3. I might just send it back. it's doing my nut in and I can only play without sound. Not particularly enjoyable.
  4. Ok, I've narrowed it down. The problem is with the sound. On sound options under mixer config, the hardware and software option both causes the game to fail and close to windows. When I choose disabled, teh game loads up fine - but I get no sound whatsoever. Does this provide any more help?
  5. AMD Athlon64 XP3400+ 512MB DDR RAM PC3200 200GB HD Nvidia Gforce 6600 Acer LCD monitor I set the resoltion at the lowest setting and still get the problem. The graphics card is on their list
  6. still having no luck. I filled out a report ont he lucasarts tech help about 4 days ago and still no reply/
  7. Hi, Hope somebody can help me as I've had BF2 for 3 days now and I cant get it to work. Everytime I click to start a new game (training etc), The screen goes black for 2 seconds before going back to windows. The game has closed down and there are no error messages. ANy ideas? thanks! joey
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