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  1. Kurgan I think we both know the drill at this point. I make a couple brilliant posts, then insult a moderator and get banned. Around six months later I get bored and make a proxy and repeat.
  2. YAWN i'm mediablitz. you're wrong, i'm right. Wasn't that so much easier than making a big post? too long, didn't read btw
  3. StaffSaber, your opinions on this are wrong and you are a newbie
  4. By cheaters I mean slider and the other mod makers who keep adding insane cheats into the game like grapplehooks and jetpacks, and who tweak the game settings for infinite force and lightside advantages.
  5. Kurgan said: "Sadly it seems in JK2, there was less emphasis on fixing bugs and exploits like this than in adding stuff like jetpacks, grapple hooks, new saber types and moves, and "admin features" like the ability to make players explode with the touch of a button to "punish" them for some imagined wrong-doing like forgetting to use an "emote" before a duel." wrong. there are horrible mods in jk2, but nothing like the insane garbage in JKA. There are no mods that add jetpacks, grapplehooks, moves and saber types. This is JKA. other than changing stock force regen to 0, the JK2 mods don't change gameplay. One of the many reasons why jk2 is still the superior gaming community over jka (which isn't saying much at all). At least I can go into a gun server and kill people without them flying away with a grapplehook or jetpack cheat.
  6. Is the force regen still 0 by default in JA+? Is it still possible to use protect and absorb at the same time in JA+? If so this is not, as you claim, simply JA with bonus features, it's a game changing mod. Furthermore, the jetpacks and grapplehooks still ruin gameplay. God knows what other insane **** you've added in the year or so since I quit that god awful excuse for a gaming community that is JA.
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