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  1. i would say darth maul is the best villian because he is very quick with his light sabre and he can move around fast.
  2. okay when i go to setup my internet adapter for my ps2 , i go threw all the stuff and in the connection test it will not connect , i plug the dapter staright into the modom cause i do not have a router and where it says username and pass word i put my computer default email adress and its password . Am i doing anythin wrong.
  3. i live in canada but i was born in england and loved there for 8 years. so must of my life
  4. i am just getting my online working for my ps2 ...for some reason it has not been working but im still trying ..its says its not connected or something, which sucks cause i have never played online, but if any of you would like me to be in ur clan i would cause i am still looking , im sure ill get my online working soon. i can play better with the storm trooper or scout trooper units. so if u are interested post down here please.
  5. is this only for pc cvause im not sure if i can get hero vs villian on my ps2
  6. name:slane faction:empire rank:captain of the emperial dark legion We were on board the great Dark Star we were doing the final preperations to take off to nabbo. We were going on a mission ,darth vader has become aware that there are some remaining jedi and rebel outcasts hideing on nabbo in plains, forests and lakes. .okay 3 ..2 ..1 ..TAKE OFF we had just taken off, we were on a emperial capital ship it was escorting us to the outer rim of nabbo , then we had to take off and land in smaller ships to have the element of surprise. okay pilots ready. the squad i was leading was the emperial dark legion a fast and stealthy team. Vaders orders were simple land and use the element of surprise to wipe out all remaining jedi and rebels. are pilot had broken off from the capital ship , we were comeing into nabbos atmosphere, we closed into the landing point and finally landed ,we loaded are weapons and got out.
  7. john locke if you are ontrested about the site send me a message.
  8. Can u please post any empire renders you have please .thanks alot.
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