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  1. Could be a graphics problem...or it could be the same problem I have. Are you running it on a dual core processor?
  2. yeah I'm running it on the highest resolution, all graphics quality on high and antialiasing on 6x and it doesnt lag at all....but I still have to to turn off a cpu while playing. Its not a big deal but you would think a guy wouldn't have to do that.
  3. Perhaps. Guess we'll find out when the patch comes out?
  4. I've got Athlon64 x2 3800+ 1.5 gb ram 250gb hd ATI Radeon 800gto 256mb... I got a reply from lucas arts and they said to get some program for my cpu...so I'm going to do that and see if that can fix it. But I can run with with graphics all the way up no problem now....but on one cpu.
  5. But I would still like a patch to fix it so I can play with my dual processors.
  6. I got it working but I got it working a different way. I loaded up the game and opened task manager and right clicked on the exe running and set affinity and turned off one of my processors...and I can play it without any problems.
  7. Can't send back an opened box. Hopefully a patch comes out soon to fix this problem...because I'm sick of playing one level and then crashing to desktop and doing it all over again
  8. Grrr....It still does it. I updated all my drivers too. I dont understand. But I can play more levels without it doing it. Anybody have any other ideas on what it could be?
  9. Yeah, I changed mine to hardware instead of disabled and I think its fine. I think you could play it with sound if you go to control panel>sounds and audio devices>audio and on the default playback menu....select your soundcard if its not installed....mess with that a bit.
  10. Same thing has been happening to me. I'm going to update my drivers now to see if that will fix it. What I dont understand is that sometime I can play a level or two and then it'll go to desktop. Other times, it will got to desktop as soon as the game loads the main menu.
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