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  1. well, you do actually start out as "grey". You have no loyalties to anybody but yourself.... you make the choice to persue the dark or light as you go
  2. Indianasolo, if you want pure fact, glue yourself to LA official site.... kookaburra found something on another site and posted it.... whats your problem with that.... nobody is trying to shove it in your face as fact..... the word fact wasnt even mentioned till you typed it ilwugoalie you are being rude here, while you may disagree with IndianaSolo, he has a right to his opinion, these aren't facts so he definately can have his say. -RH
  3. you seem to be either not understanding what i'm writing or just not reading it.... I have said banned, and exiled. those two words, emphasis on BANNED, mean that you have been kicked out. and I tend to look at the Jedi order in the same light as the Marine Corps. Once a Marine always a Marine. but if you walk away/quit or a kicked out. you are no longer a Maine. same thing here, he/she was no longer a Jedi... just a force user.... not even that since the connnection to the force was lost
  4. and by the way rob, I said he was no longer a professional, ... and you can say it isnt the same thing, but it is... if you meet a person and they say they are a Baseball player..... first question your going to ask is "Who do you play for?" ... oh, well I used to I, was banned from playing again. You are NOT a ball Player in the. Jedi is a profesion, a way of life ... if you are kicked, out... or leave on your own never to return.... that means in the eyes or those you would encounter that are still in the order you would not be a Jedi....
  5. ^^ you are still a ball player, but you are NOT part of the group/organization ... the MLB... just as he/she is no longer part of the Jedi Order, he/she is just a force user, not a Jedi.
  6. He was banned, sent away... EXILED. just casue he could still sense it doesnt make him a Jedi..... they same in reality as it is in our books, and games. when a baseball player gets kicked out and banned from the MLB he is no longer a profesional ball player. he still has the tallent, but has lost what he was.
  7. I agree, if there is to be a penalty for using certain weapons, it needs to be a penalty against an individual who doesnt have teh skills. Not against them becasue they are light or dark. With this Idea, the only person who ever would have had any bonus in the movies would have been Darth Maul. Bad Idea
  8. That thead that kookaburra has the link to in there post, is the same thing we putt up here.... speculation. I dont see anything on there that is solid news. when the conclusive word comes, its giong to come from LA. The man has such an ego, that he wont give someone else the opportunity to pull credit before he can.
  9. I've seen that she wasnt to popular with some people, but I would like Visas to come back.... I enjoyed playing as her... T3, and HK are a must. they are the R2 and C3PO
  10. I agree, both a good Idea, just under produced. I only want to see the Jedi onclave if they are going to have some actuall training that goes on there... more in depth than we saw and played in KoTOR.
  11. If revan and the Exile are to be in the game, they should just have cameos. No playable roles. I would like to see Revan, but dont want to play as him/her.
  12. I really want to hear how your giong to expaline how the 360 is the same as the previous X Box. and with the exception of the old school Nintendo Box, every system that has come out has had problems at the launch. If people use common sense and dont buy the damm thing right out of the gate, they wont get stuck with the glitches. and for the record, KOTOR III will look great on the 360
  13. We're not talking about what they are in the end of the game. Sorry, but the Exile was sent packing from the Jedi order.... pretty much saying, your no longer a Jedi. Just becasue he/She regains the use of the force and conquors over all at then end of the game by no means says they were a Jedi at the start.
  14. Korriban should be cut if they cant find anymore content. was a sad showing in KOTOR II. Not sure how I feel about Dantoine.
  15. If we're going to get Korriban again, they need to make some changes..... with exception to heading into the caves, the Sith academy was very pourly developed and lacking for content.
  16. Lets just stick with the Ebon Hawk. taking out the Hawk would be like replacing the Milenium falcon after ESB and bringing in a new ship for ROTJ
  17. these Rumors are Speculation.... its up to each individual to decide weather they want to believe them and get hyped up about them, or take them for what they are....... NOTHING THAT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED and the jurry is out
  18. the problem with starting out as a nobody is it is too close to the plott of the first one. you found out later that you were Revan, but intill then, you were just some regular person... with a hidden past. and you make the class choices no matter what... so thats nothing that would be changed
  19. ^ i'm seeing a story that Mystery science Theatre would love to make fun of.
  20. with the unknown regions a very likely plot, I hope we get some old architecture like RobQel-Droma said.... very interested to see what the Devs do with the landscape, and planets
  21. Either as a Jedi or be trained as one.....hopefully it wont be the same formula the previous games had
  22. 58 times was the most the first time though... after that at the most 25
  23. then in your opinion, in the context that you are using the word "Jedi", everyone who can sense the force is a jedi..... when bastila told you in KOTOR, that she felt the force in you... from what you have said, you are a Jedi. I dont accept this thoery... There is no "technically a Jedi". either you are or you are not, if you are Exiled, and stripped of the force, you are no longer a Jedi in any sense of the word, and because you can sense it once more does not make you a Jedi again.
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