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  1. Yes, I updated to the latest drivers after installing the new video card. The flickering occurs in the exact same spots as when I had the ATI Radeon 9550. The spots I have noticed flicker are:

    1.) Tantive IV: the little area that resembles the hallway where Leia put the plans into R2-D2 during A New Hope. To help solidify where I'm talking about , there is a medical droid way at the back and near the front, there is a medical droid and a weapons droid.

    2.) Tantive IV: generator room, top floor, one of the little spaces near where all the controls are located.

    3.) Death Star: the big open circular area where there is nothing but a narrow bridge connecting the two sides. Seems to be the central spot in the map.


    So has anyone been able to check on these spots? I'm starting to think maybe the game is defective? It seems that the flicker increases in noticeability as I bump up the video/visual detail.


    Jedi Jeter

  2. Just checking in to see if anyone else has experienced this problem lately. I ended up returning the ATI 9550 I had and went back to my old nVidia MX 420 temporarily. The flicker disappeared while using this video card. I just got a new GeForce FX 5500 card. After installing this card, the flicker returned. What's going on here? HELP!!



    Jedi Jeter

  3. Sorry, right now I am on Thanksgiving break (meaning I'm away from college and my computer, which is there) so I can't play for the next week. Anyway, if you are concerned about your graphics card, download and run a benchmarking tool. It would display any errors your graphics card might have.


    Which graphics card benchmarking tool would you suggest? I don't mind downloading one of those freeware programs, but I want to avoid getting any spyware, etc. into my PC at the same time.


    Jedi Jeter

  4. Don't worry. Its not you graphic card. If it was, your entire game would be flickering. Its only happening in one spot in one map correct? I haven't look at that spot on the map, but it is most likely a map glitch. If two textures overlap the same area, the computer doesn't know which one should be on top (thus displayed) of the other one (underneath so not displayed). It attempts to display them both, so what you get is the textures flickering back and forth between themselves.


    Good job installing your graphic card. It works fine.


    Would you mind taking a look to see if it also appears in your map? Remember, I'm talking about the PC version. It's just one spot near where the blue thingie is located in that room with the big generator. Move along the top level going in the direction toward that downtunnel you can take. There's just one spot where I experience flicker. After I move away from that portion, the flicker remains in that portion and I can still see the ceiling flicker say, if I'm on the bottom floor of the generator room. My character looks up and "he" can see the flicker off in the distance.


    Other rooms where I see flicker coming from the ceiling lights:

    Tantive IV: you know those hallways that look like the corridors from Episode IV that R2 rolled down to meet up with C-3PO and get into the escape pod? OK, that corridor. Just one little portion has flickering lights. My character moves away and the flicker remains there but in the next portion of the corridor, there's no flicker. Really strange.


    Death Star: the big room that's shaped like a circle where there's a walkway bridge going straight down the middle. Like the Tantive IV rooms, if my character is in an adjoining room, he can still see the flicker coming from the adjoining room, yet the very room he's standing in has no flicker whatsoever.


    Isn't it REALLY weird that I can see the flicker off in the distance while I'm in the same room/corridor, yet the very position I'm standing in has zero flicker???????


    Thanks for any additional input,

    Jedi Jeter

  5. sometimes its just the driver, the settings and such. Don't worry about it... fliddle with the settings and things usully goes fine afterwards.


    (I assume your computer is up to date and not some arcane sith spawned dinosaurs)



    P4 1.8

    640 MB RAM

    20 GB HD

    256 MB video RAM (Radeon 9550)

    WinXP SP2 and all updates


    What suggestions would you have to go about changing the settings? I know this probably sounds elementary but my experience with PCs is sort of limited. I consider it a big accomplishment that I was able to upgrade my old video card! ;)


    Appreciate the help....



    Jedi Jeter

  6. It's not the game, it's your computer, stuff like that has happened to me aswell. Jedi Academy doesn't work amazingly well on my computer, but games like FarCry, Halo and Republic Commando (better graphics) work perfectly.


    Are you saying then that the video card is defective? I only ask because it's brand new and if it is defective, I want to exchange it. The flicker is so weird because it only happens in certain portions of rooms. For example, if I move away from the room and am standing in a non-flicker room with the "flickering" room still in view, say, a few feet away, the flicker room remains flickering (I can see it) while the non-flicker room is, well, not flickering. How weird is that?????

  7. In the Tantive IV, there's that room where the big generator is. On the top floor of that room, there is one little portion where if my character looks up at the ceiling, there is a lot of flicker. Once I move away from that portion of the floor, the flicker disappears and the ceiling lights appear normal. Is this something that's built into the game or is there a problem with the graphics card? Currently using an ATI Radeon 9550 with all updated drivers.


    Jedi Jeter

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