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  1. Yes! Yes! Bring back Simon! You know, sometimes I really truly miss the beautiful landscapes and scenery of Galactic Battlegrounds. I used to make extremely detailed maps with trees, flowers, shrubbery, rivers and streams. I love the AOE engine for the extreme presence it would give battles. I wish EaW had that 3D beautiful look. Ahhh... the good ol' days...
  2. I don't know if this is old news, but I just saw the Forces of Corruption trailer at gamespot.com. Pretty hot, I must admit, especially Luke throwing his saber Kyle Katarn style at a bunch of stormtroopers. I think it's an old trailer and I think this is the one people were raving about earlier, but check it out anyway. I think it's worth a second (or third) view. Still not happy about the Eclipse eclipsing the SSD, but oh well. One thing that stuck out, Imperials have SSD, Pirates have Eclipse (nice to see Droidikas too) but what the hell do the rebels have? Home One I suppose. Ackbar better eat his wheaties... Anywho if this is old news, bypass it.
  3. Absolutely. Fighters have their use, but in GC games, these clausterphobic maps renders any type of strategy useless. It's just, point and click at hardpoints and nothing else. This is part of the reason why many critics bash this as not being a real RTS, but instead an extremely dumbed down version of Rebellion combined with Force Commander.
  4. Totally agree Future Guy... Those Space Maps are INSANELY clausterphobic. Scouts? Who needs that crap? "Gee... I wonder where my opponent is?" (clicks in middle of the map... 1 second later) "Well golly gee, he's right friggin here in front of me! Same as the last battle... and the one before that... and... oh look, he's trying to run away and hide his three Corvettes... (1 second later) "Oops... looks like he's already on the edge of the map... hey, so am I... oh man, can't... turn... both Star Destroyers... oh.... wait... ah f**k it..." (Auto-Resolve) YOU HAVE BEEN DEFEATED! "WHAT THE FU@!*@$! ARggghg!" [ sound familiar? ]
  5. I don't know if this has already been said, but something that REALLY REALLY needs to be fixed: When landing your troops upon invasion, your opponent can send in a raid and pretty much kill all your troops while they are landing... but the troops just stand there and WON'T FIGHT BACK, until they're all landed. That's HORSESH*T! How many multiplayer games have you been ganked because of this? MAKE THE UNITS FIRE IF UNDER THREAT IMMEDIATELY UPON LANDING... IF THEY CAN BE KILLED, THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO RETALIATE. This, to me, has broken so many potentially great matches that it really needs to be touched upon. I thought the new patch would handle this, but no... troops are still fodder.
  6. Absolutely not. For an example, I can't even play past the second level of the campaign -- FONDOR. Now am I doing something wrong? I don't think so. Right when the planetary map starts, the buildings are so huge that it blocks the path and I can't even see turrets or anything. Basically my units have nowhere to go upon arrival. The buildings are huge and they block the paths. THere's nothing I can do about this. I've modded this game to hell simply because I was never able to play the campaigns, nor can I play certain land maps. How **** is that? Maybe now you understand why I'm so cynical about this game and where my grumpiness comes from. I've yet to find anything that would allow me to change the buildings in the XML files. What - the - hell - is - the - deal - with - this - bug? Why am I not able to move anywhere on Fondor or many other city type that has the HUGE buildings/rock spires blocking movement because they are oversized? Is anyone else having this problem? Please... I don't want to be grumpy about this game anymore. I don't want to write scathing posts in forums ranting and raving. I just... really... wanna see what this campaign is all about. I specifically am using Fondor land map as an example so that I may relate it to somebody else. (The second land objective of the Empire campaign). Very frustrating.
  7. I like the choice of heros thusfar... but if you have DSII --- you MUST have Lando with Wedge as a wingman. And how about Leia as a nifty espionage unit.
  8. Rust Lord is right though. There's a lot being given to this made up faction including the largest capital ship in the game. That makes no sense. The Empire must be an Empire. I don't like making comparisons to StarCraft, but it was one of the greatest, most diverse, and most balanced RTS in gaming history. Now we have three factions and if any one of these factions was going to be the 'slow moving heavy-weights' take a guess which faction should fit that description. Take a guess which faction should fit the description of 'zerglings on land' (*cough*Stormtroopers*cough*). Take a guess which faction should be the mobile, adaptable Terrans (HaachhoooREBELS!) and who should be the tough yet micromanaging Protoss-like third faction (Pirates I guess). Who should NOT get the largest capital ship in the game... Uh... Pirates...? Please. Don't tread on the empire, man. Keep the teams diverse! We shouldn't have Broadside-Cruisers on one side and Missle Cruisers on the other. Change it up a bit! Not whining. I admittedly got very frustrated with this game initially. Really bad bugs and boredom (before modding) really irked a lot of our community and I admit I lashed out right away when they anounced FOC, but there are many things I'm hearing about this expansion that's making me have a new hope. It sounds really awesome, but then, of course... they go and... do something... add something totally contrived and...*sigh*... what shall we say, let's just call it the Jar-Jar curse?
  9. I just hope space maps are noticably larger. These space maps seem so clustered and small that it almost becomes clausterphobic. I mean, who in the hell has really ever built a scout to actually scout? For what? If the odds of anyone guessing where the enemy base is were as good as odds in Vegas... we'd be hiring developers to design our mods for us. Big space makes for serious battles!
  10. Well, with proper editing of the Galactic Conquest files (specifically the PLOT files) you can set which heros you want to enter you campaign and when. This includes the Death Stars. It would be nice to only be able to construct DSII if DSI was destroyed. Considering DSII is able to knock out Capital Ships making it very, very handy in battles and DSI is pretty much useless save for destroying planets, the Empire could play there DSI loosely and arrogantly (sort of like Tarkin ) -- and wouldn't that be a hoot, if DSI dies, so does Tarkin and all his arrogance... I look forward to this expansion now....
  11. I disagree with the retreat at 0 sec. timer. I always thought one of the coolest parts about the Space battles in Galactic Conquest were entering into battle mode... Fighting with everything you have with the intension to win... battling your to your wits ends... taking severe losses and then sadly choosing the retreat icon and watching them shoot away to light speed. I loved that part. I hated the fact that you stop moving sometimes, or even stop shooting for such a long period. The stop shooting grace period should be maybe 3 seconds before jumping. But, yeah, these pirates and this Trevor Goodchild--- Tiberian Kahn--- or whatever the hell his name is--- sounds kind of cheap.
  12. Heh, I replaced Tie Maulers with Pod Walkers for the Empire. Tie Maulers... let's be honest... they looked like Tonka trucks shaped like Tie-Fighters. I let the pirates have em...
  13. Sorry for being such a grumpy naysayer. You guys are doing a beautiful job... and that's coming from the worst of the lot.
  14. They better have Lando in the Falcon with Wedge as wingman... or else...
  15. Invincible to everything, costs 10000 maybe 12000 credits, but can be destroyed instantly by a single 200 credit A-Wing fighter. It must be a single A-Wing fighter (not a group), and the pilot must be screaming. And... upon destruction of the SSD... Home One suffers a -1 to combat for 5 seconds because Admiral Ackbar gets really sad about this for some wierd, unknown reason.
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