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  1. See I dont think that means Rebellion. Games like the total wars series are the perfect blend of Stragetic and action. Rebellion has only the star wars tag making it so memorable. I would rather see EaW blended with Galactic Civ II not Rebellion. I would rather have an easy to use interface and less micromangement, note not limiting control but rather elimating tetious steps.
  2. I agree, EaW does have the right to create new Star Wars story. If they just did something from the EU it would be boring. Everything we have now was someone adding to the Star Wars story like a lengend passed on from one generation to another why shouldn't Petro do their part? I am intrested to see a Republic at War type game down the line though. It doesnt have to be an expansion to EaW.
  3. Sales do count, they indicate how popular it was. No one but hardcore Star Wars fans bought it. I dont want to start a fight or anything but the only redemining quality of Rebellion was the Star Wars tag. You use some generic factions like Galactic Conquest and that game is a total bust. On a lighter note and back on topic. I suppose its not possible but I would still like to see some custumization options like changing out hard points on ships maybe adding a hanger or taking one out to add more guns. Most likely a dream wish. I was also wondering about Mercs or special units. This I think we have a chance for since Dark troopers are produced only on a particular ship, if I read the may 25 chat right. I would like to see that concept expanded on. Like recruitable troop varations, for example Clones on Komino, Wookies on Kasyakk and so on.
  4. Ummm ok even Lucas Arts admits that Rebellion was a failure. Warcraft and Starcraft revolutionized RTS game play. Beside what I ment was that they are classic base building RTS games versus a galactic turn based element like RTW has.
  5. See I dont want upgrades I want both ships. One is a cheap option the other a more expensive one.
  6. I dont think its pushing it at all. I would love to see more ships and units. They dont need to be special. All I want is varation. The game is too much a paper rock sissors game each ship is designed to counter another. We should have the choice of a group of ships that do the same job they would vary in price, power, speed and so on.
  7. Oh ok well I hope they include more cinamatic fights and perhaps minor hero units/companies like the 501th and Rogue Squadron.
  8. I hope the AT-PT is in there too. I hope they consider fixing the techs as well. Puting the clone war stuff in the early techs and the new stuff like AT-ST's in the later ones. Example turbotanks, podwalkers tech one, and so on. Perhaps include the AT-TE as a low level AT-AT.
  9. I know this sounds odd perhaps but I would like to see a few things. One customability of ships and units. Ships: I think that realistically they could allow us to either upgrade ship componants ie MKI turbo lasers-> MkII turbo lasers or what ever star wars names they have for them. Units: color schemes, like the specific markings we see on the clones in ep III. I know that stormtroopers were all white but, then again if you like the all white look, keep it, by all means. Also they might allow us to choice weapons for units either generally like all stormtroopers use this particular weapon or a selected battalion would carry a particular weapon and these could range from light rapid fire stuf to slower more powerful stuff thus changingthe role of specific battalions. two, would be that if one could not be done, could they add varation of troops. Perhaps these troops could be hero specific. IE when Vader is on a planet instead of stormtroopers being produced at the barracks it instead produces elite 501st Stormtroopers, which could either have improved stats or some cool new ability like for example the 501st could have a "storm" ability where they rush a target running and rapid fire. Just an example. More cinamatic fight senes. The Vader-Obiwon fight is excellent. Why stop at them. Luke-Palpatine, Obiwon-Palpatine, Vader-Yoda. Han-Vader, Han can dodge and shot Vader deflects and swings. Bobo Fett-Obiwon rematch(since he is Jango's clone).
  10. Still I wonder, try to imagine a land battle with Obiwon, Luke, and Yoda. Thats alot of jedi power there. I hope that the battles dont become hero only fights. Not that I dont love Jedi and Sith dueling it out. But perhaps they need to reconsider the punishment issue in reguards to a hero dieing. LIke making them die completely a option.
  11. no no no. There is not tic for tac balance to the SSD. The balance is that its going to be most likely almost as expensive as the DS to build and that it will take for ever to build. A tech lvl 5 ship too. Yeah it will take a rebel fleet to bring it down and your point is? Its not impossible to destroy anything get some heros enough fighters and bombers and the rebels can destroy it. No a-wing trick. That was pure luck nothing more the rebels would never order a pilot to fly into a captial ship. That is not their way.
  12. Yeah I dont get it then. Rebellion is not a RTS. WarCraft and StarCraft are. Real Time Strategy. Rebellion was a Turn based Strategy like Galactic Civs I&II or Civilations they are more likely to have diplomacy. People get confused because of Rome total war because it is a blend of Real time and turn based game play. EaW is a pure RTS all things are done in real time, IE without any turns invovled.
  13. I wonder how the time frame will work in galactic conquest mode. Meaning will the rebels still be able to have Obiwon and yoda? Will The Empire be able to build a DS and a DS II or will you have to choice between the two times. IE Before the destruction of the death star or after?
  14. I was surprised they didnt go purely post ep IV or Clone wars but this is really kinda intresting. Why not shake it up alittle. I dont want to play as these pirates but I will really enjoy crushing them with my SSD's and DS II. Wonder if you will be able to build both the DS and the DS II at the same time in Galactic Conquest mode?
  15. droidekas are cool but I hope there are clone troopers on Kamino or some sort of clone advantage in owning that world, I mean why else would they include it. There isnt even any land there?
  16. I wonder about the planetary sheild thing? Will a rebel player need to send a raiding party down to the planet first to knock out the shield generator first before attacking the DSII?
  17. What would the population of Mustafar be any way? It seemed pretty deserted except for some worker droids and seperatists, well unit Vader showed up.
  18. Ok with the addition of yoda to the expansion. We have a chance to have the emperior and yoda fight a rematch of their ep III fight. My question is two part. 1) who would have the advantage? Will it be cinamatic considering that They did not make a fight between Obiwon and Papaltine cinamatic in the orginial game?
  19. Yeah but the Mon Calamari are not know for making clone troopers either. Their planet does however specifically produce their MC cruisers. Granite not in defense of their planet but still. I would hope that either the Kaminoians use clones to defend their planet or they offer clones as a unique unit for the empire. I guess somethings we need to consider are: which side would the kaminoians be loyal to the Empire or Rebels? This is important because if their rebels then most likely they will fight themselves because of their personal intrest in freedom. though they might still produce clones for the Rebels since that is their cheif expertese. Though again one would wonder how the rebels would preceive the use of clones considering their track record. If they support the empire then they would definately continue to produce clones for the Empire like they did for the Republic.
  20. Yeah but there cant fight really. They are cloners you would assume that they have some home guard troopers. I mean I thought that durning the Clone Wars when there home world was attack by the CIS they activated the ARC troopers? Am I wrong? They dont have to be the Clones from the clone wars but some varitation atleast.
  21. Ok I am wondering. Will the battle between Luke and Vader play out like Vader vs Obiwon? Where is everyone stops and watchs a cinmatic fight? Also if so which will it be? The Empire strikes back...IE advantage Vader or The Return of the Jedi...IE Advantage Luke???
  22. I have a question, who will defend Kamino as the indiginest life forms. The kaminians dont seem like fighters and considering that they are cloners and all???.......will we see some clone troopers there maybe????
  23. I am excited. To be honest the best star wars games added to the story not the ones who simply followed it. The pirates combine the old and the new pretty good. We get all our sweet wish list units like SSD and b-wings. Right now I am excited. The more cool features they add the more my wallet opens to the corrupt side of the force. Though I still plan to play as the empire.
  24. Wow, I am excited the only thing that sucks is that Darth Torpid's comment that only two factions will be supported in the Galactic conquest mode. Come on put all three in there. I want the pirates to take to the offensive sometimes. Cause I am not swayed away from my Imperial faction yet. I would love the challenge of putting down the rebellion and a pirate faction at the same time.
  25. People the arguement is all wrong. Who cares about the time line stuff. Modders can create your Clone Wars or EU stuff for you. Expansions are supose to create things that modders cant like dipolmacy or individual retreat for ships. Now having said that. Most likely what will happen is that the Expansion will add the clone wars factions and beef up the OT factions to include material from ep 5&6. The whole beyond 6 EU is to unreliable to use. Maybe some of it like tie defenders but mostly not. See most of you think its great but you all have your own view of the EU world so if its not right you will be mad and complain of balance issues, they wont go there. Also what is good enough to include and what is not? To many people with to many ships they would want in. I see them just letting you mod in your own EU ships. Petro will stick to the movie area stuff adding only the most reconizable EU ships in to fill gaps in tech.
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