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  1. Ok, with recent developments in the ship list for the empire, ie the aclamaotrs and venators, one must ask the question which troop should the empire start off with, I say the clones. Which is a posiblity not all the troops have been made clear to us. ie Luke was just confirmed. My reasons 1)This game bridages the gap between III and IV. ie all the previously named ships. So why not the evolution of the empires ground forces clones--> Stormtroopers. If memory serves me arn't some of the ground vehiles also confirmed from the clone wars? 2) The rebels have to steel the X-Wing, their signature fighter. Seems only fair that the Empire should have to research Stormtroopers as well.
  2. Yeah I agree it really adds a nice touch, a real star wars feel to it with your troops reporting in like that.
  3. Thats too bad I think it would add a layer of depth but its not the end of the world.
  4. Yeah I have to agree more factions means nothing. In fact it most likely means that there all the same. Two factions will be very good because they can spend so much time adding layers of units that perform similar functions but different stats and deployments for example some people may want to build more armor other aircraft others more troops you can really customize your army and still go toe to toe with the other guy if you know what your doing. That is the best part, finding your own way to win instead of coming here complaining that there is no way to win against something, instead there will be countless opinions available depending on your preference.
  5. Moff Tarkin may give you your mission briefs and the trooper could be giving you a statment on intel or something. OR In the single player story mode its Tarkin but the conquest mode its a Stormtrooper since your in total charge at that point? OR he could be a tutorial help guide like that centorian guy and lady from RTW who gave you advice in the upper corner?
  6. My question is what kind of hero will luke be? a Jedi? a fighter ace? a rebel leader like Han? I mean were only suppose to be up to the new hope so how far can we develop Luke? An if so would that change the effect of capturing dahgoba for the rebels say before or after the emergence of Luke? This also brings up another question I have will heros be developable, meaning can they get better as the game goes on? Say more powers and skills and abilities. For example R2 and 3po can steal tech for the rebels will they get better at it as you send they out be able to steal bigger and better tech and so on?
  7. We also forget that we have no idea what we are seeing. The pop count could be specific to a ship, for example it could refer to a set number of bombers or troop squads on board or it could be linked to some organizational thing such as a officer/admerial or fleet size at that tech level? But we do get the sense that this is exapandable based on upgrades so dont worry if that seems small reguardless.
  8. Yeah I am thinking a campaign kind of like the tutorial from RTW, where its a small map with two or three planets, just so they can walk us throught the moving of fleets and building of ships and troops on the galatic level.
  9. I agree with shadowsfm, balance will be good but I would not be surprised if people complain that there ties suck compaired to x-wings. We dont want a one for one exchange balance but rather two unqiue factions and overall they can hang with each other, then again it depends on what you want to do right. If your a tank rush kind of guy you may be disapointed playing as the rebels.
  10. I dont know they seem to just protect the emperor, perhaps they will be attached to him like an body guard upgrade???
  11. All I expect is a small single player campaign that walks us throught the ins and outs of the game and a few skirmish maps.
  12. Yeah I lean towards gameplay, it is a game based on a movie, so how real can it be? What do you mean by real, do you mean real like in real world? Well come on Star Wars is not always real in that way, thats why we love it. Now if you mean real as in true to the movies, yeah I can see that, but not to much games are games. It needs to be playable.
  13. I dont know, thats what the movies are all about. How many times did Han run into a pack of stormies and live. I can see the fled the battle part, but at the same time I could see people wanting that finality of a hero's death. I think a good compromise is a clamatic hero on hero battle where the loser stays dead.
  14. What do you mean? I was agreeing with him??? That cant be the final list because no luke. An excellent observation?
  15. Randomguy2476, Good observation, no luke? nahhhhhh their just keeping stuff from us. Hell i woulnt be surprises if the damn b-wing ends up in the game. What is this talk about no jedi and there not important to star wars. Hell the whole story is about the return of the jedi. The story of a young jedi leading a rebellion to victory over a dark sith lord. Come on.... People love jedi, why do you think they put them in Battlefront 2. Me I would love to recruit young patawons tht could grow into jedi or sith(dark jedi) over time, but they could be killed in battle no respawn.
  16. Yeah but it should have said, Obiwon has fled the battle field right? I mean when Vader cuts off lukes arm, would you say Vader has killed Luke? No right, now this is flimsy at best I know because it was a E3 demo, but its sometime to think about right. People dont want heros to die like punks. Luke cant be killed by stormies but then again as an empire faction player I want to defeat Rebel heros so as to win the game. The key moments to victory would be say vader killing obiwon, or luke. That would give me that sense of star wars history being changed.
  17. Yeah I here the arguement here and its good either way. My point is that Dagobah is a planet in this game. Why???? If yoda is not in it. Maybe yoda can't fight, he maybe like the empereor, he never really fights in the New hope either, never dawns a light saber in the original star wars movies either? Might be a moral unit that rallies their persecptive factions.
  18. Well I know it was only a demo but we did see Vader kill Obiwon at E3 right? Perhaps only a hero can kill another hero. I mean that makes sense. I dont want Vader geting killed by the pvt jones of the Rebel army just doesnt feel star wars, yeah vader should be hurt bad and forced to leave the battle. If nothing else perhaps a way to limit heros from getting out of control is to link them to a specific planet, even Vader. Lose that planet and you lose that hero.
  19. Yeah I agree 36 seems abit excessive but, 1. I am sure its a demo, they have done that before to show off. 2. I agree that it should take more than one for gameplay perhaps they will fire a little slower and need about 3 or 4. Battlegrounds vanguard and heavytrooper fire power seemed balanced to me they might consider the same values or stats?
  20. Yeah yoda was not key to the rebellion in the movies, however..... this game allows you to change history, is that not what they have been selling us. So maybe Yoda does help the rebels out if they control dagobah. I mean really Dagobah is on the planet list, what the hell else does that planet have going for it??? Cheap wood, creapy animals, a place to get away and unwind?
  21. Will this mean that the Empire will start of with clones and you will have to research Stormtroopers? I ask only because they have made it clear that the x-wing will not be standard issue for the rebels, but rather something they will have to go after and get. Seems to me the X-wing is about as Rebel as you can get, an icon of the rebellion. Stormtroopers are the same for the empire, to be fair they should have to do the same?
  22. Jan Gaarni: We've heard rumours that the tech tree ends at A New Hope. Is this true? Petroglyph-Joe: The tech tree builds up to the end of A New Hope but since the game doesn't follow the Movies exactly, the player can mix things up a bit. There are a couple of units seen in later movies that you can research in EaW. SO it ends at a New Hope??? How far does it go back toward Ep III? I wonder.
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