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  1. I did, actually. I worked on it, but I've busy with other things and it fell to the wayside. I'll put it on my to do list and let you know, ok? :)

  2. i agree thuis would definately be worth a download!!
  3. hey man its beeen a long time since last post on my kill griff idea mod and was wondering have you worked on this at all??


    a simple kill him dead would do just want to kill that sob and have mission there as well to get in a few words herself lol!!

  4. i would love a huge portrait pack that adds faces for all the main and some minor characters. amongst this list definately anakin, darth vader, dart6h sidious,yoda,obiwan,darth maul, grievous,doku, quin gonn, jar jar, padme,luke,leia,han,boba fett,chewbacca, and any other popular characters, these will be all new slections not replacements, and would prefer it use tsl patcher so its guaranteed compatable with other mods!! ohh mace windu is a must too!! i would like this big pack for k1 and k2 thank yopu to any experienced modder that makes this!! Combined your posts. Please do not double post or 'bump' your threads around here. -RH
  5. poor malak nobody seems ti like him lol. anyways if dartyh finds the mod or shem puts it up either way can one of you send me a pm with downl;oad link for fixed version thanks alot!! Closing thread to prevent further resurrections, a Private Message (PM) to the member with the mod would be more appropriate to posting in this thread here if you do desire this mod. -RH
  6. hey man its been a while so i was curious how the dantooine expansion is coming along??

  7. sorry to hear about that virus nasty bugged gets a bug spray and passes it to Taak Farst. next time it trys something spray it with that guaranteed to kill all nasty viruses lol!!
  8. ujheheh a wicked darkside option to that mod would be a male romance option for her that would be ironic and hilarious you murder her friend in cold blood and she jumps your bones for it lol!!
  9. either way if a working one gets put up ill be very haoppy for my next sith lord play through chuckles insanely!!
  10. i dont so much want calo to have to kill him later i personally want him as perm party memebr lol!!
  11. ive got a mod i dowbnloaded from pcgamesmod before it crashed that already does this catch is game stalls out. prob with mod is trask fight bandon script doesnt fully fire so game just hangs there. would love it if a working one was realesed though!!
  12. lol cool name i love it was laugghing so hard when i saw you post!!

  13. that project was abondoned long ago if its what i think it is where it ends right when you reach taris and was extremely bugged!!
  14. hey steam i was wondering if you could give us a progress update with this mod its beeen a while now since anything more was sauid about it!! murdrax, this is a 'bump' post, we do not allow 'bumps' here unless you are the person doing the request and they are posting an update, next time PM the person doing the project instead to ask these kinds of questions, then they can post an update for all the world to see. Thanks. -RH
  15. why not have recan create a companion for hk 47 a new model that has 47 personality with some enhancements that make it compliment hk 47 so they cover for each other basicaklly hk47 weakness is new droid strength and opposite with hk47!!
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