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  1. Title says it all. And also put games that you think that will never be made but you want.
  2. My favourite hockey team is the Red WIngs. There the best team in the league.
  3. Eh...Rancors are powerful. What do you expect? Plus....it's a video game.
  4. I expected EaW to win. There is practicly a whole forum voting for it.
  5. age: 17 location: Earth occupation: Grade 11 student hobbies: Sex, Video games music: anything awaited games: EaW
  6. I like Coruscant because of the size and how advanced it is.
  7. Name: John..... Age: 22 Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Occupation: Priarie Farmer..... Hobbies: Web surfing, video games fencing, anime, music, girls Favorite Music: ....don't listen to music Favorite Games: Any RTS from Star Wars or LOTR Most Awaited Games: Star Wars: EaW,
  8. Thanx, Darth Moeller, for the sig you made me. Awesome job!
  9. Just wait....a little while and it'll be made.
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