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  1. You both know you can change the brightness and the contrast right?
  2. Thanks, No, sadly I don't have onboard sound or an older card. But I think you're right, it's the same problem as the CTD many people are having. Becuase they can only play with sound disabled. So it's clearly a SWBF2 compatiblity issue. I hope LA can come up with a solution and/or patch! If not, I think I will have a 1/2 a game. I don0t want to spend on a new soundcard and find out it doesn't work!
  3. I have all the latest drivers. I even reintalled SWBF2 and my soundcard, but the same thing happens, sometimes when the sound it's set to hardware I can start on multiplayer game, but in the next it's the same error. Everytime I tried with software render sound, I get the error. ANd everytime I try with soudn disabled I can play multiplayer. I don't know what it is, but it's defenetly sound related. But I've tried everything, and I still can't play multiplayer with sound except like 1% of the time.
  4. thanks! Well, it's really weird, but if I disable the sound I can play in any server, but with the sound enabled I can't, just some very lucky few times. I didn't had this problem with SWBF1. I maybe crashing the servers? and that's why it says connetion to host lost? but the thing is that I can play single player everytime and I can create a server everytime, I just can't join one. I did checked and nothing is trying to use the soundcard, I even tried to run it with no single procees running in the background except for taskmanager and explorer. And It didn't worked. It may not be the sound card, but it has something to do with the sound for sure, maybe the server is asking for something to with the sound and can't find it in my system and that's why it gets disconnected. I don't know, but I don't want to buy a new card and find out that it doesn't work! thanks again
  5. Hi, I made a post about the error I was getting most of the time(99%) when I tried to conect to a multiplayer internet game in BF2, the error was "connection to host lost" although ti did worked 2 times, and I was able to connect in 30+ attempts, after following an advice on other forum, I disabled the sound and now I can connect all the times I've tried (5) !!! But with this discovery I have a couple of questions? What does this mean? Is my soundcard(Audigy Gamer) not good enough? It can do hardware render. IF it's not good enough, which card should I get? And why does it connects sometimes (2 times) when the sound is enabled? I hope someone can shed come light on this, thanks in advanced.
  6. I was able to finally play one map of multiplayer!!! I guess it was just luck, 1 out of 25+ attempts! But My luck lasted just one map, when the next map finished loading the "connection to host lost" error appeared again. So, that leaves the Firewall or something blocking gamespy or the game out.
  7. In my case I can creat a server and I can play just fine, but I can't join others.
  8. Welcome to the club! Although I do pass the busy % loading section, when the map has finished loading it says "connection to the host lost". After reading the thread in the other forum, it seems it only happens to people outside of the US, In my case I think it might be the server kicking me because of high ping, altough the servers I try ar all below 150 ping. I hope support can come up with a solution, but somehow I doubth it, since we are only a very small pecentage of people having this problem. But if they tell us how the new connection works, or what is differnet from BF1 maybe we could find a solution. I can log in and play BF1 just fine, never had a problem and I can play all other games online to, so some of th protoclos they are using in this BF2 are having a conlficlt with some Internet configurations. BTW I have a 1.5MB connection. Try posting it here, http://forums.lucasarts.com/forum.jspa?forumID=69 You won't get much help, but at least those are the official support forums of the game and the developers read them, I hope! Saludos y buena suerte.
  9. Hi, when ever I try to connect to a server(about 20 attempts) the map finishes loading and then I get this error "connection to host lost". So I can't play multiplayer, I've read this has happened to a few people, so I was wondering if anyone found a fix to this? OR if anyone have any idea of what can I do? I'm connected through a router, but I also tried it connected directly to the modem and the same thing happens. thanks in advanced
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