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  1. And on a completely different note, let's talk about Time Dilation. How awesome.
  2. Down with inferior and unfinished, but flashy, technology. Regarding the original poster's query - I'd say wait. Vista's just been released meaning it's still got issues, and a lack of game support (my friend can't get Football Manager running on his(he's now suicidal)). Not to mention the lack of DX10 cards currently on the market... Oh and the fact that Intel's core2duos (you should really get one of these) are going to drop in price come April. As mentioned, there's no advantage warranty-wise over getting a package, as you can get pretty good warranties on the individual components as standard. In fact, if you're anything above an average PC user(ie. Word/some music/browsing) you'll probably only run into problems with the warranty, as most of them completely stifle you. You can't even upgrade without paying them to do it for you with a lot of them. And be sure to avoid though 'recovery CDs' someone mentioned. They get on my tits too. Unfortunately though, you seem set on buying a package. Ah well. Have you considered asking a mate to just assemble the computer hardware for you for a small fee? It'll certainly be cheaper than buying a brand and you'll get to keep your laziness. That's just my 2 pennies, good luck.
  3. I would strongly suggest you wait a bit. With the release of Vista, this is probably the worst time in several years to buy a PC.
  4. This is the excellent point I was going to make. I found 800 'playing' on the all seeing eye just there, and this isn't quite peak time (many Americans just coming out of school/aren't back from work).
  5. Wait till at least April. Prices will come down then.
  6. Well it certainly doesn't appear to be a hoax. I hope it's not, for obvious reasons, but I also don't understand the lack of media frenzy...
  7. Apparently I have a Boston accent, despite sounding like Desmond from Lost... O_o And Midlanders don't have accents? Don't make me laugh. Every American has an accent!
  8. Nah not really, I thought it was alright (not a shade on the original though), but as soon as UT2004 was released they completely stopped selling the game, stopped providng support, offered people UT2004 on the cheap if they owned 2003, and a myriad of other strange things, including press statements where the developers said that UT2004 is the game 2003 should have been. :-P Taking 2003/4 as the one entity, my main gripe with it in comparison to the original is the way that multiplayer descends into peekfests with a bunch of guys just using brightskins to see you, along with the scale of the maps (which make the players seem pint-sized) trying to compensate for the pace of the game. I also missed the gothic thing going on - in fact I'm still very bitter that Quake descended into an atmosphereless technohell, and UT doing the same doesn't help! Absolutely. I was more of a Morpheus dweller myself though (shame that it was too unbalanced to be played competitively - damn invisibility camping snipers ); I really loved that map played with friends. Considering the esteem that the developers hold UT2003 in, I think that's quite likely to be the case... Attention appreciated. I dunno, I just gradually got less interested with JA, I blame the admin-mods myself, and slipped away from the forums at the same time. To be honest, I've disappeared several times now, I don't think I'm ever going to really leave. Viva la Spoon.
  9. I thought that too - I'm pretty sure now that they're just trying to brainwash people into forgetting Ut2K3 existed.
  10. UT3 (they recently changed the name) Bioshock Spore GTA4 Stalker Football Manager 2008
  11. I'm pretty sure he means he's spent 6864 hours in-game, playing, not played the game over 286 days. Just think how much of his life he spent playing WoW. :-|
  12. If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well.
  13. I bought a nice new fan a few weeks back to deal with the on-going assault. Now that it's not so hot I like trying chop up bits of paper in it.
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