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  1. I'm pretty sure Proving Grounds is as dead as a dodo. There's no need for this thread to be stickied any longer.
  2. I've no idea how they're gonna implement that into a movie (if it is to be faithful to the magazines...).
  3. There's your problem, use Trillian.
  4. We have an advisor relationship, Rhett
  5. Take this interesting test here and be sure to choose the J.Butt information (it's much better) I'm an INTP.
  6. A cracking cat but are you're living with great-great-great-great gran judging from that wallpaper
  7. They made a movie? :-| Not out here then (or even mentioned)
  8. I played Vampire: The Masqueradasfsdgvdfgd, thoguht it was ok but, well, the combat wasn't for me. I'll check this out though since it sounds like the storyline is pretty good. Oh yeah and Kain, you vindicate my vote with every passing day.
  9. Agen


    I owe my school over 15 detentions. They don't care either.
  10. No-one has really stated what they use bit-torrent for. But hey, we all know.
  11. That's what I thought but i have the file right here, I'll upload it later. Technically, a letter is a set of phonetics said in the one go. A letter is the smallest unit we can use (well, should be but it is close enough), it is like the atom - it's the smallest but subatomic exists. I'm a sceptic but hey, i found it very cool that this happened. Experiencing it for yourself can change your mind to ' a bit unsure' like it did mine.
  12. Agen

    <3 Valve

    NewsFlash: It doesn't work. Very easy to get this game working without having your steam account fried and banned for life. Firewall can easily stop outgoing stuff from using the ports like steam as well the fact there are many fixes so that Valve will never know you've pirated the game. Sure if you're a dumbass you'll get caught pirating and banned for life, but it is pretty simple to pirate. Verdict - Steam no worky.
  13. Name: Astonishing Tortoise AMD Athlon ThunderBird 1.4 GHZ Radeon 9200 512mb Ram 120GB HD Boo to that.
  14. Even though i haven't posted in this thread i have been following it closely. I've done quite a bit of research on the net. Out of curiosity, i recorded my friend on Vent. Playing in reverse Waaazup = Hello. Freaky
  15. I'm sorry but I can't get over the stupid name. It's much, much worse than attack of the clones. :-|
  16. "That which does not kill me, only postpones the inveitable"
  17. I've never seen so many bum buffters in the one room
  18. I love cats but my Fazja has an evil allergy to all things furry or feathery. My gran had a cat, it lived to 21 but it had to be put down eventually. New cat now, black and white, full of energy.
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