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  1. K, I'm sorry i regret it It's my first wrong move, sorry didn't see ur j/k sorry, and i deleted post so only a few people saw it...... once again sorry Don't encourage me... now u have a taste the jar jar type mistakes i make in reading (speed reading) Sorry please forget it happened
  2. Mission completed GO GO GO!!!!!!
  3. Agent Terminator at your service number 0042..... oh..erm..eh.. nevermind but I will be the first attack! We'll show em who's boss ie:jk2 Ok off i go!!!!! Who's second? *jumps who matt's wormhole, pops head back through*, where's my conc, erm... eh... WHAT U LOOKIN AT!? [ November 05, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  4. I think magnum should now officially be our new moderator!!!!!! what about it kurg?/Kray Ti/Gonk/any1 else
  5. hmmmmm, great hopings i ahd in u my firnd, now they are lost (is that star trek?)
  6. We probably won't get an answer for a while (or until this thread gets long) but will u be able to chop off parts and they won't come off stupidly (hit leg and arm comes off) PS: If 1 fo these developers doesn't answer they msut be embarassed because we might find out they scratch their butt or pick their nose better thing than sliced bread is...... sliced bread with butter
  7. i'm related to bill gates as well as as the pope It's true!!! But the evil fact is...... (deep yoda voice) u r all related to me... (U scream) (Gonk- Terminator is very sorry for his annoying spam, and if he isn't, he'd better be, because the next time he does it, we'll make sure it's the last time.... comprendè? [ November 05, 2001: Message edited by: GonkH8er ]
  8. I liked the ROTJ battles because they acted like real people not like acrobatics on steroids like they did in TPM but in ep2 they've got an actor (can't remember his name) who's a fencer so we're eith gonna (a) go through the ep1 battles again (b) we'll get a cross between them © we'll get ROTJ type battles i chosoe c or b
  9. Yeh Santa didn't get me my Nuke with 300 guns supplied with it and 4 pump action shotguns and my jedi powers for world domination! i'll never forgive him for that! Yay look I found my teddy bear!
  10. Ok i know we're supposed to stop with da sigs but unless u've not got cookies on it doesn't matter because 1nce u download (5 secs at msot on my 56k modem). PS. I don't have lazy fingers to scroll just because of a sig. so stop annoying us because of sigs
  11. Agen

    Nov PC Gamer

    Can u send me those pics p.burns1@ntlworld.com it sounds damn good!
  12. FFS it's only a sig! why are yous moaning @ us, i meanwhat harm is it doing!
  13. Got my words mixed up, sorry what i meant to say was: All my games work pretty damn good when i'm using a geforce2 andi don't c too muhc difference without it even though it does make a presence in the game black & White but doesn't help much. and for the sig i had to make it minature because all sort were complaining i mean it only took up half a page at 1024x768 rave good point because like u say Voodoo helped the old machines and i've never tried a voodoo on this comp but i ahve gf2 and it only makes a difference to my shadows but with this comp i shouldn't be blethering.
  14. LOL i had a split prince of persia 3d cd and when i put it in they all had black faces and red bodies with no clothes
  15. Agen


    I played jk again and got up to the 7th level (Yun) and got bored out of my head and gave up! i couldn't stand it anymore. I alos tried to be light this time ubt it's too hard i have posted 82 posts in about 2 months, i must be overposting.
  16. Well done Matt! ur now at the age of greatness! (until i turn 16 thast is) so here u go, u can now have ur first illegal *** (god dammit why do that to the word *** ) , let it flow through u u junkie! *puff* Hey wait a minute that ain't Tobacco, "WHY U LITTLE! ****************CENSORED******************** Happy Birthday [ November 04, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  17. Let me in 2, i will also give u my black and white game because my friggin create keeps megablasting my temple so i'll give it to u (good game btw) They're probably all spamming so they can annoy us! and if they're allowed a private forum so should the public where no admins or mods are allowed
  18. GRR u hypocrites check the size of his sig pic compared to mine, mine might have been a little bigger but no much!!!! why aren't yous annoying him about size im ena now i hasve a little baby pic!!! NOT FAIR!! BA WA WO HOO WOO BOO HOO!!!! Kurgan what u got against me and not him! just because i look so great and handsome doesn't mean u hafta be jealous!!!! And the V3 card sounds quite good!!!! anyway i don't think my card helps at all.. listen: Geforce 2 card runs pretty damn good in all my games i can have it at ridiculous rates of speed and graphics No Card at all and runs pretty damn good in all my games i can have it at ridiculous rates of speed and graphics Mind u i have a 1.2 gigahurtz and 256 ram anyway
  19. Graphics are decievable, sure they impress ur pals but it what it plays like that counts
  20. Yeh I shouldn't have said specific things. I'm gonan do it ALL
  21. Hey Acces_Flux i remember u, i palyed u in oasis 1 time and u won because i used force speed and ran into a wall and killed myself otherwise we were gonna draw ... i avoided u ever since because of that anyway i still see u sometims (because ur first in alphabet with _Rouge12 or something) nice to know u still exist
  22. I'm gona buy JK2 for the mp side of things and be 1 of the first to gettit and get in a kickass clan and be popular and also for the lightsaber battles in sp even though i'll do gunning in mp What about yous?
  23. Yeh he has a banning with a ™ beside, very scary.... JFA_NoFear got banned on his first message, hehe served him right though. Kurgan when's the nex screenshot gonan be released?
  24. Kurgan are u allowed to get in there? if so tell us the last thing they said
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