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  1. (off topic to stephenG) i liked my first 1 better but every1 was taking freakies because of the size,it's a similar 1 but smaller because of the complaints i was getting
  2. Riddle me this riddle me that how can i spam with 1 message?
  3. p.burns1@ntlworld.com send it all!!! and people, instead of calling me agen call me term or terminator
  4. I wonder if Raven and lec actually go in there.... anyway i'm off to get the name Terminator because soon as jk2 is relased it will be snatched an i will be hte only person know as "Terminator"
  5. Someone shoot that smartass!
  6. ARGGH! i looked at the spoilers!! i couldn't help it and don't egt me started on Haryy Potter, GRR!!!!!!!!!! ;-# ---- ==|| <Bang> ^ potter getting shot
  7. Fine then i've changed it.. takes a while for jknet to change the sig pics so it will be changed to a smaller version.... What about Red_VIIII or something he had a giant sig and likewise joe solo [ November 03, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  8. Hey what did ya expect.. we're talking about WD here, they'll never give up :)The L337 thing is good for ur ego but u don't c yoda or qui gonn taking the piss out of Obi in TPM do u?
  9. .... cut off his right arm bought a lollipop and started dancing to the macarena in memory of his brother.
  10. If only the first 700 members were allowed to "observe" then we would all know and then anystuff we wanted we could give em a tip or 2 and then we would c our nice little idea in the game that would kick ass.....anyway out of dreamland They're probably discussing us on what we're discussing or asking permission to do something or other.... Still would be interesting to have a peep (hint hint)
  11. Who has started because if u r thiking of me i jsut posted in in a row so i would not changfe the time about the count! kapeesh? ------------------------- Edit: just so u don't think i'm spamming i'll edit the post....... Please please lemme keep the pic on the sig!!!!! it took me ages to get it owkring on this site!!! please... Mr moderators! and 1nce u c it u never need to reload it because of the wonderful things called cookies so dont chuck it off [ November 02, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  12. Classy names at its finest
  13. oopsey heheh u posted @ same time as me
  14. ...Kermit The frog walks through the door and says.... " Live this fight with me and u shall be granted permission to eat kyle and unlimited time tyo dance the macarena!!! Muhuwahahahahahaha!!!!!!" So he ignites his lightsaber and......... [ November 02, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  15. Win 98 is based on dos and is more likely to crash and 2k/Xp are very unlikely becuase it aint built on dos
  16. Hehe try to imagine grampa emporer using al ightsaber.... Yoda Versus the emporer... hehe a really old guy versus a midget.. lol [ November 01, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  17. Next time i want a debate i'll come here or in other words an agument
  18. hehe wilhuf that sounded pretty gay... lol
  19. Depressed kyle because of the macarena jumps in between the saber clash of Dumb stormie and the jedi guy and gets cut in 2. ...... A while l8r they have kyle's funeral and while they're singing nice little hymns a raid breakes out and hold all kyle firends hostage (Jan and mara (what a nigel)) and then the offical members of the universal concert come in and sing the........................................................... MACARENA!
  20. Hehe Who says he's light! If he can turn to the darkside in jk1 he sure can in jk2... i think that they're dinying u in jk2 is that when kyle was dark or light (a) he didn't want to turn to the darkside (b) he was dark and overcame it by ditching his powers and killing sarris
  21. Hehe Whatcha expect he's Duke Nukem... The new Duke game shoulod have more realistic chicks this time New duke game is bound to be good because 1. He's Duke 2. Has babes in it 3. He kicks alien ass 4. Cheesy lines 5. Has Guns 6. Is a game 7. Duke's Cool reasons why it could be bad 1. 3d realms have a tendancy to Rip off but maybe not in duke games 2. erm............It's being delayed 3. em................... could have crap multiplayer k..... anyway Happy Halloween!
  22. ... gave to the darkside and started dancing the macarena! The End (or is it)
  23. The fact is that maw was a shabby cration because he has invisible legs. :-) pitch Black in JK is see through and if u change the colour in his legs he walks and it basiclly looks like he's on fly mode. the fact is GL and lec think of cool characters and don't really have a reason for them so if i were them i wold make something up like he levitates because of the force strengh he has and the thing at the bottom of him keeps him up to good rates so i think they'd say some crap like there's force boosts at the bottom or they probably will never answer so there for we can make out own opinion!
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