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  1. I recently jsut bought a PC Gameplay even though i don't usually but it says the forces that will be in the game are ---- Jedi Choke- probably Force grip Jedi Confuse- we already know aobut this so no need to explain Jedi Jump- Force Jump as usual Jedi Tap- Similar to ben's powers when shutting down the death star. Jedi Shock- similar to chain lightning i think Jedi Pull- Same old stuff Jedi Push- U know ------------------------------ So first of all i'll notice that force speed is NOT mentioned! and not 2 many new things.......... It doesn't say this is all of them but itm akes it look like it is............................... I am expecting that in MP (doesn't say mp or sp but i think it prob sp) there should be a chice between dark & light like jk but if there's no force speed and no dark or light for mp that well gonna get me pissed off!
  2. The Sabers look strange but i can't quite pinpoint it out.... it could be the way theyr'e too short in length but it wouldn't really make a difference......... I think jk2 looks as if it has better saber battles [ October 28, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  3. If it's anything like gta2 the police don't give a **** if u beat up people in gangs Still looks a damn good game
  4. Can't diagree with a coke, (god damn not cocain, coca cola) and a beer! but not together, that'd jsut make me go off flying yoghurts
  5. I swear i was a cat in my last life so i'll pobably get killed but what is (a) Baha'i?
  6. Jk2 is bound to be better cause no.1 as u said probably slow controls no.2 instead of having lots of hotkeys u'll have to do combinations to get moves are harder to figure out no .3 it not on pc because it sold it's sold it's soul to m$ no 4. Moving about would be harder as it is a console even though it's a shabby pc in disguise no.5 it's gonnab e lbown away by jk2 that no-1 will be intereseted in it. no. 6 a saber game is probably a bit hollow on a console suhc as getting to use t easily and learning it which mena u prolly have a really hard game witohut messing around with controls no. 7 if the games fast paced and the controls are slow they might need to slwo down other character movement There's 7 possible reason why ob1 has lost it's character and wont probably sell 2 well but it looked good on pc so it still will be good [ October 25, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  7. uh huh i know i just wanted 2 use up the space and as for the server thingytorment was blabbering about i'm desperatly trying to get boradband again (liek i said i got cut off) and if i get i can get u can guess [ October 24, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  8. I quite like the idea of a jk2 superclan because then u could c the best of the original game and the only probs would be there would be no rivalry in other clans probably if dsbr and WD join cause they kick ass, it would cause of the other guys to **** emselves and not play yous and hten u would have no-one to play it with but otherwise it's a good idea...... And after that (we/u whatever u pick)would show them This Game aint for pussies!! And as for being so big headed, being big headed gives u strengh so i would be but i'm 2 modest (not really) and what about BSBRampage..... He was good
  9. I have a hardware modem and it's external and i guess i don't get that bad a ping (200 least 2 400--- medium 300 in unreal tourney and and same in jk) sad thing is i sued to have cable but i got it cut because illegally stealing tv I haven't played Q3 so i'm not sure how it deals with 56kers or as i would call it myself 56gayers but if it's anything the way UT handles it it'll be diabolic for 56kers........ if u go over 350 u always stop till ur modem gets back so that utter crap because u stay still and it doesn't takem uch to kill a standing player, does it? And torment did u work at best the modem making company or best buy, something else cause i've got an external best modem and tips would be greatful and igotta new comp 1.2 gihz and it churns out my graphics willingly from the most computer eating,demolishing games ever so graphics are out of the way and torment u mention sutff about old houses... i live in a victorian house that been refurbished (damn they done it good) do i have this advantage because most games i don't get terrible lag except in UT...... And as for Stephen, I don't think bots will settle the mind of any gamers.... anyway bye for now ------- Term-
  10. I know about everything u've said but it's the decision raven are gonna make but i ping is about 125-250 in 2p games but 300+ in about 4 which is a problem because as u say it will freeze. and that's bad because i have a faulty modem even thoguh it worx fine the compiter automatticly crashes, puts game off or restarts. What i think they should do is get u 2 select what type of connection u have and if u have a 56k u don't freeze u get the sort of stuff that ahppened in JK if u have cable u get Q3,UT sort of happenings Does that sound right or unfair???????????
  11. Ok take this from a point as if u don't have a computer and gonna get jk2 and have a sort of neutral answer.......... Well in Jk i used to have a 56k and i played guns and i was quite good and used the lag to my advantage if there was any , but how will jk2 handle lag will it give u lag-0-vsion or just pretend like jk did and make the game run smoothly and still keep u happy but if jk2 gives u glitchiness there's a chance u just quit multiplayer because what's the point of playing MP if ur not gonna have fun. But if u take it form a cabler or an adsl then this is better choose .....
  12. Agen

    co-op play

    What ur forgetting is PS2 has 2 controllers - Pc has aa keyboard and it woudl be difficult to make 2 controlls because then u've only got 1 mouse unless u installed a controller???? i have 1 but it's quite annoying and hard to control
  13. I actually like the zone (apart from the homosexual login) because u could chat and c a list of names so that's what was cool abotu the zone and if u have noticed everygame that lucasarts have made with multiplayer has been on the zone so we're likely to have a choice 8) If there was a a dedicated server and there was chat and a listo f all names then i would most probably go on the deicated but if there's no chat or a lsit of names and game rooms that u can launch at same time i'll stick with zone? Let's c what ideas raven has for the servers? Zone would be better if u could get more than 4 in a room. But it might be bad because when i'm in UT i my comp (1.2 ghz, 256ram, geforce 2) always crashes when there is more than 8. So i'm hoping that we get a damn good choice, none of the crappy dedicated servers were there's nothing but empty games and no chat!
  14. No that drink was great i mean now i have my hippo to play with and the dancing frogs Oh yeh and the flying yoghurts R quite nice 2 ............ Oh crap here comes the pharaoh carrying my boxers.. Thank U!
  15. *glug glug glug glug* Damn! that's good stuff! agh damn those flying yoghurts are back! FIRE AT WILL!!!
  16. I totally agree with almost everything every1's said here but i heard that raven aren't including blood in jk2.... what would be the point of cutting off a trooper's arm and look to c that the inside of his arm is white as well? i don't think troopers have milk running round their body do u?
  17. ........ don't even think about doing that! Suddenly kermit whipped out a hi-fi and set the cd to Dance to the Macarena! Kyle fell on his knees and started praying to obi wan: how can this happen who inveted this song!!! Obi Wan faintly appeared infornt of him and said : Take this lightsaber... "u'll need this 1 for jk2. it's blue u can dingy that green 1 because u don't need it because the guys at raven like blue better". Anyway said Obi.. The guy who invented this song was.....
  18. Complicated is a complicated words obviously because Rave spelt in wrong
  19. ........ started dancing to the Macarena, Like a pus*y when kyle saw this dance again he screamed and took a freaky and......... [ October 20, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
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