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  1. Gonk should be shot, ran over, hung, cut open, stabbed, beat up more than a male chicken with no balls and then his eyeballs pulled out , hit his head off a wall several time get every supporting jk2 to sit on top of him and then tie him to a chair and make him say *JK2 WILL KICK OB1'S ASS.. I WAS REALLY RETARDED WHEN I WROTE THAT AND PLEASE WILL U FORGIVE ME FOR HAVING SUCH A DUFFED UP MIND!*
  2. I have to say jk2 will get my vote because i wasn't gonna get obi wan (looked a bit 2 boring) secondly Raven have a great string of great games so i think jk2 is gonna kick ass and obi wan is just gonna slip away without any1 noticing it. [ October 16, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  3. Agen


    I don't live in the US (uk before u ask) but that fickin ridiculous! if they doen that then 50% of people qould get nicked for having copies! i strongly disagree! i mean it's bad enough but police watching ur everymove is bad... Very Bad. I mean if every house had 1 of these i would be uneasy knowing that i was being monitored. Big Brother was based on the book nineteen eighty four where the cameras where everywhere and u were always being watched no matter what! If this happened then what would happen if u put in a disk that u thought was real but acutally a pirate! u'd get ****ed for the wrong reason!
  4. If they really wanna make the bowcaster good they should have 2 different types 1 with silent twang and the other just oridanry And also i wouldk like to c realistic placing of the weapons unliek weapons lying on the ground for no reason at all and no spinning.
  5. Yeh we're talking about Rls and stuff when Raven haven't actually told us officially. Maybe we should wait and c and keep giving raven ideas and instead of having a straight forward RL then they could have some sort of variation like the RD was a variation.
  6. Where did Raven correct PC Gamer?? I didn't think the Bowcaster would ahve a scope anyway because it's only a bowcaster +i wouldn't rely on the uk version of PC Gamer as PC Zone is better in the uk and gives u more information and it's usually correct compared 2 PCG anyway HiHo hiho it's off to work we go (damn it!) [ October 09, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  7. Well how about this.. if the ocnc is replaced by rocket launcher or equivalent then to give the people more of a chance when u get hit with it gives u more mana so u can use force protection OR fight back.... i think that sounds like a chance for life when ur approached by a madman! what do u think?
  8. THis might have been discussed earlier but i'm pretty bored of reading now.... so do u think that the concussion rifle from jk1 should be put in jk2? The conc was probably the main thing that unbalanced it but created alot of strategies and me being a gunner myself u got into habbits of when u shoudl use it and i realised it isn't bad as i thought! Take For instance the repeater, if u had a good shot and not much lag u almost had an equal chance of getting beat if u weren't hardcore as in "håRðÇöRë". Say what u want here and i think in jk1 u couldn't play both the saber and the conc in the same game, mostly impossible or classed as a kamikazze attack. Kappesh! [ October 08, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
  9. The only thing that scares me here is that if these russians r good and can talk russian and we don't have a doodle what they're talking about then we're screwed but light has shone through the doors of ordinary folk (english language) as i know a russian!!!! and i'll get her to translate what ever the **** he jsut said!!!
  10. It looks cooler that way anyway and who said what it looked like in jk was right! and apart from the fact he sawed half of it off i think the bigger the better as then u can get an even bigger laugh when they approach u with a bryar and u've got conc (or jk2 equivelant) And anyway i'm quite sure raven know what they're doing!
  11. An 8 year old Jedi... and i thought kyle was a hippy! oh dear! now i have 2 stop putting his face on hippy discos! Shiza!
  12. Agen

    Zone or Zonk

    Well anyway i like the tribes 2 idea but i was speaking to a sysop and he said that lucas and microsoft have some sort of contract with their games...... because when you think about it, there isn't 1 star wars game with an mp side that isn't on the zone.
  13. Well what i would do straight away is stalk the owner of the shop i'm gonna buy it out of. When they get it in stock i'm gonna take my pants off in the store (u heard right!) have sexual relationships with female shop assistant. Hi-Jack a bus ort if need be a bud van... get home.. stick cd in with my saper bony hands worship comp while it's loading... write down a few words in my best ever day essay. start blowing some storm trooper heads... start up a toll on the motor-way so people can touch me because i've played jk2!!!!(of course i'd still have my comp in the middle of the motor way) and then when my contract many sleep disorder diseases i will finally rest!
  14. Agen

    Zone or Zonk

    After a bit of reading i wanted know what people would rather...... The Zone except they could add more players in a room and u can chat.......... or a dedicated server where u prbably can't chat! Answer because i'd probably like the zone better because u can chat with other gamers rather than a dedicated because u can only talk when ur in the actauly game! [ October 06, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]
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