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  1. Yes, lets make their lives even more annoying. I'm sorry but if your PC can't handle it your PC must be running due to a hampster on a wheel in your PC tower... It -should- work on all PCs, and if it doesn't, take some other crap outta your base, and if it still doesn't work - well... tough luck for you i reckon. ~Cassa.
  2. If your PC runs JKA, you should be fine. FPS wise thats just pending on how your PC is set up, what your settings are, what you've got running. Its really a matter of Trial and Error. If it doesn't work - take it out and cry for a while.
  3. holy hell - that paratrooper is sweet. and bacara and his marines are "the sex" as they say... I'm almost glad i wasn't involved - i'd screw it up so bad. lol
  4. That makes alot of sense actually - regardless - i'm downloading them all xD
  5. =( lol, if there are any models "slipping through the cracks" i'd gladly help to mop up the excess and complete them. ^.^
  6. Can't have the cake and eat it too, can ya?
  7. Damnit... Any chance i could help out with these skins/models? I'm not a great skinner; but i dont think i'm that bad. If not, can i do the icons? Something? Sit here and watch? lol ~Cassa.
  8. Yep. Jace. The fun part with the Mafiamen was that... well.. The model was released as the mafiamen ^.^
  9. Its an old one i did, but never hurts just to show people one more time ^_^ http://pcgamemods.com/mod/16489.html Enjoy!
  10. hot diggity... =( i wish i was in on this ~Cassa
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