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  1. Doubt you can find those models, they aint officialy released.
  2. nothing to be sorry for.. i have made stupid things when tired as well... and i did kinda understand you meant the rest of the flight suit not the chest plate
  3. i dont know how i would do that other than maybe darken the texture and add a slight shine shader.. also why would i do that? there is no refference anywhere i can find that suggests the fabric that the flight suits are made of are leather except offcourse pictures of it from swg, but since swg is kinda none-cannon on many points i wouldnt take that ti seriously
  4. i played SWG some time ago and made my char a TIE pilot.. and something i instantly noticed was the difference between the SWG TIE pilot chestplate and the JKA one.. and to be honest, i prefered the SWG one and decided to attempt to make such a skin. However due to the survival gear taking up a good bit of the TIE pilot torso.. i did the skin on the chest texture transplanted onto the Kyle model and here is the result and here is the same skin with the original chest texture and my inspiration
  5. damn its sad when good material for mods like these are wasted when the mods die...
  6. possible release of some of those animations aswell? that rocket launcher one was, well, simply beyond words.. and, WOOOT!!!!
  7. Dead, burried, mourned, forgotten!
  8. http://starwars.wikicities.com/wiki/CC-8826 commander neyo of the 91st Recon Corps. 'nuff said
  9. http://starwars.wikicities.com/wiki/CC-8826 commander neyo of the 91st Recon Corps. 'nuff said
  10. think you could get a shader for the visor flame effects?
  11. in all mods there is a "icon_default" right? and the other skins are "Icon_(skins name)" but do it like"icon_default_(skins name) and the other icon/s show up
  12. im not totaly clear on the later part but for one you must have the skin files named correctly for the icons to show up in the profile menu. not to mention not having to many models that takes up all the space but the icons themselves also have to be a special size, of which the later im not sure which the acceptable image sizes were.. i might be stating worthless facts that most people things are obvious, but im only trying to help.
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