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  1. You should make him a spawnable monster like a wampa-esque thing. ~Dark Side~
  2. Ahhh....WID. Go DNF! Looks good. ~Dark Side~
  3. Has this been released yet? ~Dark Side~
  4. Woohoo! Thanks, LightNinja! ~Dark Side~
  5. You still working on it, LightNinja, or are you taking a break? ~Amakou~
  6. Geez, you think I don't know that? It's called creative license, sheesh. ~Dark Side~
  7. It wasn't a request, it was a suggestion to spice the vehicle up a bit. But looking back on it, that would seriously screw with animations, wouldn't it? But either way, just release this vehicle so that the Chocobo jousting can begin! ~Dark Side~
  8. *drools* ahbmgguhh...... Must....have..... Ooo oo, sometime later you should make a Bionic Chocobo, so it's more like a swoop (i.e. super fast, and shoots lasers) instead of a Tauntaun. ~Dark Side~
  9. Good, good. Now hurry and finish it. ~Dark Side~
  10. Why does it have black around its feathers? ~Dark Side~
  11. So can we expect it within the month? ~Dark Side~
  12. I hope you haven't finished it yet, cause in that latest picture, the legs look horrible, they looked better in the one before it... ~Dark Side~
  13. At last! A Duke! His muscles are a little small ~Dark Side~
  14. This thread is ancient. Let it stay . ~Dark Side~
  15. Ah, using the weapons stance mod I showed you, nice. ~Dark Side~
  16. Looks good to me. But I'm no Jango expert. Keep up the good work. ~Dark Side~
  17. No problem, I'm just glad someone actually said something about it. Better a no then nothing. ~Dark Side~
  18. Yeah, I know, BUT NOBODY EVER FRIGGIN' LOOKS THERE. ~Dark Side~
  19. Marz, could you do a Duke Nukem? I can supply sounds and reference pictures. ~Dark Side~
  20. Well, Marz, would you consider doing a model that isn't Star Wars related? ~Dark Side~
  21. Cool, is this the final? 'Cause I'm just waiting for the final product before I download. ~Dark Side~
  22. Well, Marz, would you be interested in doing a Duke Nukem player-model for JA? I'm surprised no one has yet. If you're interested PM me. ~Dark Side~
  23. Sorry about this being late, but for Sev, try to make the on his helmet less symmetrical, it ruins the theme. Looking good, though ~Dark Side~
  24. The movie stances pistol stance sucks compared to what I found, I found an awesome pistol stance and rifle stance mod. Here: http://pcgamemods.com/mod/15531.html And here's the fixed JA+ version: http://pcgamemods.com/mod/15562.html He holds the pistol in both hands while ready to fire, and while firing. ~Dark Side~
  25. OK, my 2-bits. First, love the models. Second, what about the skirt-thing for the legs? Or does that go under torso? ~Dark Side~
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