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  1. dude that looks fantastic! Ive never seen the film but that its a fince piece of art there!
  2. O M G , Best....Vehicle....known...to...Ja..... Kick Ass job dude!
  3. Yeah , Same Here i really cant wait to use these master pieces
  4. I think the colours need to be darkened on your model , But its Great looking! and good luck with the animations!
  5. Looks Awsome Dude , Hope to see more updates
  6. Windows Movie Maker you should get dude, Zappa advised it to me and its works great! its cuts file size really well ive recorded 5 mins clips at small sizes go to http://www.download.com and search it and you should be able to get it there.
  7. Looks great ! cool job on screen shots Buffy , 1 problem .... is there any way you can make your own robe for anakin like hodded and stuff like you did for mace and all ? its just that the oother is great and all its just not connecting to his back like its to far out or something anyways great job and keep it up !
  8. Sweet skin/Model there! i loved kit inclone wars and in the movies keep up the good work ! and the team colours looks like one on the tutles from the programe...sorry i had to say it lol EDIT: WERE THE HELL U GET THE MACE BUFF?? Its awsome! edit x2: Will there be a robed kit ? by robed i mean cape thing like in clone wars were he takes it of then jumps into the water + will it come hooded ?
  9. Grievous..

    Jango VM

    Cool Jango there looks awsome , I was wondering are you gona add a jango / boba without the jetpack ?
  10. Well i play movie battles two a lot and i was wondering how did u get them clones into it ? or is it something to do with the other bf2 coming out in 2006??
  12. Im very happy that they are out but im sad at the same time cause i know that vm is a busy person and cant make models all the time but i hope to see ya making another model/skin soon (magna guard) Hint hint .. lol nah j.k thnx vm and merry x-mas to you and ruke and every1 else
  13. Good Luck vm and i hope to god nothing goes wrong like u accidently delete all the clones ... ow dear i didnt say thst lol
  14. Good luck Vm and Ruku And merry X-Mas everyone!!!! its 12:00 here so its christmas eve (in ireland) and happy new year
  15. Ahh what a great way to start the morning by looking at clones that are 110% better than the movie ones cause of the damage effects i think anyways Ruku great job on the clones and i suggest u get some rest as it is very close to x-mas ehehehhe cant wait to d.l these clones and blast some droids.
  16. And your gona do it before the release i hope, and good luck with it if ya need help icon wise .. just ask ive np making back rounds for clones
  17. Heh got bored and made this mainly for zappa for his clone wars still need to add font and do like a few more probably 3 or 4 And i was thinknig why dont ya make it like a species selecton mix and match make your own clones and have a few main clones like cody and baccara n junk in the main selecton screen and the black one could even do for a red team skin or something
  18. December 14 is still the date or has it changed? anyways yeah it is a bit to red + there is supose to be 2 red dots on the baccara's helmet to show his rank well on my figure there is not sure in the movie,,,
  19. I couldnt help it but the top of the helmet of the galatic marine looks like a nazai ww2 helmet lol looks sweet just had to say that but anyways gj Ruku on the kick arese stance and marz gj on ur model's and textures
  20. Well i know Ruku from the void and i wish ya luck with the clone skins and im afraid wen i saw magna guard on ur list there i got all excited again curses... you people love tormenting me with this magnificent models Anyways good luck with the skinnig ruku and like posted earlyer sit back and take a break for a couple of hours. And i think there should be no time limit jusy my opinion tho so they models are 100% cool
  21. I agree with Fortnox fantastic job on Bly. Your one of the best skinners in Ja and its great that you are doing these clones and how fast you are getting them done.
  22. Really love it great job sith i love the grievous the most
  23. Yeah Ruku said that the hand is being worked on
  24. W0W they like twins! lol nah great gob on them indeed Btw zappa wen these clones come out are u gona make any more clonewars episodes with them ? i really like ur episodes and hope to see more
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