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    the single greatest stratagest the universe has ever seen
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  1. Happy holidays.

  2. as i put in the readme and in the thread if he wants to use it all he does is have to ask.

  3. Perhaps you should offer the Dark Assassin robe you did for Darth Elessar (in this thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=205890) to Varsity Puppet to add even greater variety to his Malachor VI project. I know you've already considered offering what you came up with before - this seems like the next logical step.

  4. I suggest getting jedi academy, its not to much older then kotor but just as much fun as force unleashed and is what your looking for in terms of combat system
  5. I guess I'll have to keep my eyes open when browsing the web.

  6. glad you like it, if you come across anything else like that let me know a very good find.

  7. all right its all done. mediafire link enjoy. screen shots in .rar
  8. alrighty then I have the fix, as I said ill need to tweak it a bit cause the collar section isnt right. so it should be done in a day or so. ill include both with and without the collar fix, so 2 sets of 2 textures, uti, and icon sound good?
  9. lol just trying to spice it up, so black skirt, what about the legs? ill have to fiddle with it some.
  10. something like this? Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) it can always be tweaked let me know what you think. ill have to wait till I get home to set it up as a new robe right now it'll replace the 6th robe. ill make a female version aswell let me know if you want any special stats, and what name you would like the robes to be called.
  11. if you want the assassin texture as the tunic/chest of the robes i could do something like that. which assassin texture the high armor? http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/screenshots/File/41127/2
  12. I like your sig. Oblivion FTW.

  13. yeah it is also with other mods as well but the two off the top of my head were the clone armors, which ill retry when the update for it gets released on filefront, the other mod was by redrob the rattataki species for k1 in that one of the assaj looking heads as well as the aurra sing head showed up as a metallic skinned model, once the update for the clone wars armor is up ill post a screen shot if it still doesnt work.
  14. it is mod related but its also troubleshooting so why did it get moved to the Padawans Lounge, for strategy discussions and game help, uh could you explain?
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