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  1. Cleaner version of 501st just for fun
  2. Here if ya like it , tell me a good place 2 pload it...well pcgm kinda lagz...cant upload a ****
  3. This is simple recoloring but i alos can do what is on screen , just showing you what will colors look like....is that good(colors) ?!
  4. The New WW2 mod can be made from all that stuff...its pretty good , need skinning ?! ))) joking....i think you skin good on your own...but i think you shud make a Worl War 2 Mod...it wud be great... No saber No Force only FIREARMS !!!
  5. k im back , i wuz ill all this time , my body temperature wuz 39* but now im back i feel i lil better , so 501st Trooper you make makin Bly and 501st Clone Trooper - Black & White ?!
  6. NightFox

    Anakin ep2

    ye i wanted 2 do that ill post more ss soon and ty
  7. NightFox

    Anakin ep2

    New textures from HS obi and his face is a lil bit more angry
  8. NightFox

    Jaden Reskin

    looks more like darth bandon from kotor but its pretty good
  9. NightFox

    Jango VM

    ye i know that its made from clone trooper lol , but it can be remodeled...can it ?
  10. NightFox

    Jango VM

    Marz if your planing on making v2 you shud fix there Shoulder pads cuz they look 2 clonelike ... boba and jango had different one's ...
  11. ye ome do your best hey and Zappa you receaved this skin that i sedn you ? !
  12. Gungan ?! oh and Zappa_0 i hawe send you the skin ....
  13. zappa ill send you this skin...i understand all you sad !
  14. skirt ?! but the logo is on his head...
  15. yay , shoulder pad removed !!! now the only problem is mirrored helmet and leg LOGO !!! Zappa , what shud i make 2 disable this mirroring...its annoin well just for head and leg...any ideas ?!
  16. NightFox

    Jango VM

  17. here i put neyo textures on bly model but this is what i hawe ... dunno why but the tag on his helmet mirrored 2 the other side ... the same mirroring been made for his LEG !!! zappa can you fix this ?! Oh ye the shoulder pad and googles shud be removed 2 ! (BUT NOW HE HAS CAPE) x)
  18. a ...right ... then i will send it tommorow !
  19. i dunno how 2 put it on neyo...can you do it ?! well i wuz sending you this skin for you cape it !
  20. okay you will make a cape for it then send it 2 me... i will color the cape , okay ?! Okay now go and check you E-Mail
  21. Update on his visor and head...and smoothen textures !
  22. i will send you this skin but gimme your E-mail... and umm know something about that server start problem ?! cuz its realy annoin ...
  23. This is v2 model i dont hawe v3 if that wuz for me oh and i hawe a strange problem , i wuz trying 2 start a serv for skin testing but it gave me that error ! ERROR: NPC extensions (*.npc) are too large maybe some1 know how 2 fix this ?!
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