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  1. Here, i put the help tag on the other side...and amm a little recolered his body...ou and i cant make bly cuz his help if wayyyy different and i dont know how 2 put a one head on another body maybe you know how...tell me and i will try !
  2. Well i think thats it...if you want me 2 make something better or just modify something plz post ...and umm can any moddeler WRAP a cape Aroud his ass... ?
  3. This is the skin if been making...but some1 shud wrap a cape aroud him , than it wud be better ....
  4. great Marz Hey some1 who use 3d max i hawe a question , how can i put a Imgae File in 3d max so i can model over it...well something like this !
  5. Heh Alien...there is a Predator Model...maybe some1 can make a AvP mod ? ))))
  6. Can my skin be in ? (if i will fix scoarch)
  7. Well i think it is 2 complicated...who knows maybe in next 10 years some1 will reach that level of MODing who know... )
  8. soo maybe neomarz can make em usefull or make like this : when using saber use one pair oof hands , then the saber diactivate and hands hold em...and when using gun..the other pair of hands it wud be cool but irealy dun know how 2 do that xD
  9. about that Grevious , maybe you can make it 4 handed ?! (sorry for doble post)
  10. i wanted 2 make it 2...but since Tesla alredy working on it...
  11. I Tried 2 make a "Scrached UTAPAU VERSION" here is what i got...
  12. Buffy my skin a a recolor 2 nothing special
  13. Hehe Buffy your a natural talant ) great skins NeoMarz Great MODELS ! and about that Grevious v2 ... THIS IS GONNA BE SOOOO COOOOOOL )) And this is SWAMP Magna )
  14. NeoMarz , great job on the cape i know what will be if you will wrap it around his hand...i think you shund do this..its looking good with existing cape !
  15. ah...ye maybe his chest shud be white...but still...you want me 2 fix it ?!
  16. T10 about Scoarches Armor...it is Dark Blue...and im not perfect and Buffy .. GREAT SS
  17. Wow Marz thanks this realy helped...next time ill use this method...Thnks again ill save till next reskin of troopers or robots or something that cud hawe damaged paint
  18. Wery Cool i cant w8 2 xD
  19. I am evil homer , i am evil homer , i am evil homer ) or I wud kill every in this room for a drop of sweeeet beeer Nice Model
  20. Zappa well i kinda like RAR better the original size of my skins is 4mb in rar its 2mb rar is realy better !
  21. Hey sorry but my zip wuz damaged by virus or something and i use rar now ...
  22. lol , i think rar is one of the most needed programs
  23. aa....soo what..unrar rar file and put the pk3 into Base....whats the problem ?!
  24. Here , i tweak'd Fixer a little...made on his legs more green...and green helmet line.. And about Scoarch..well...i recolored his hole body...i mean his colors wuz 2 colorfull...now they are not and aa his Helmet...shud i keep this **** on his Helmet ? aaa nvm im uploading it 2 PCGamemods OK i Uploaded them , here is the LINK if some1 needs it http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/18203.html
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