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    Rebels on Endor

    Hi folks, I'm a noob at this game and was wondering how the rebels destroy the shield generator on Endor. There's that bunker with a control point inside, but I can't capture it. My cursor turns red when I point to the console, so does that mean it can be destroyed? What about the generator with all that electricity flying between? I tried jumping in there with predictable results. I've wasted a lot of rockets inside that bunker and it's health never seems to go down. Where do I shoot? Thanks
  2. Hi folks, I've looked at all the Gamefaqs posts, but nobody says how to deploy the little recon droid for snipers. I play the PC version, and can't get it to work. is there a button for it?
  3. wirm


    Well I know you can use Tautauns, AT-ST Walkers, and some kind of speeder in Single Player. But I never used a flying unit in the game.
  4. I just finished the game in Jedi Knight difficulty (pretty proud of myself). Of course, I was throwing reborns off of cliffs shamelessly, but I’m still pretty proud of myself. Here’s another couple of questions (mainly about Alora). Do bosses have more than 100 health? Because I must really suck if I need to use force Heal half a dozen times in every fight, while they’re sitting pretty with normal health. I know Alora can throw both sabers at you in some kind of figure eight. Is there any way I can do that, or is she being cheap? On a related note, Alora seems to be able to cancel out of special moves. For example, when she starts the Saber Barrier, I back off and get ready for a nice rolling stab. But when I do, she just stops. Can I stop a kata too, or is it only her? Many of the reborn seem to kick me over every once in a while, even when they’re using single or dual sabers. I thought only staff had kick. What is that move where enemy reborn grab you and there suck out your health? Can I do that to them? Can “good” players beat the JA bosses consistently? Kyle and Tavion were tough, but they didn’t give me as much trouble as Alora did.
  5. Hi folks, I'm new to these forums and have some questions that i can't seem to find answers for. What is the fastest way of dealing a lot of damage when an enemy becomes vulnerable? I know there are plenty of moves that leave a person open for retaliation. I’ve read a bunch of guides that say something like “experts will punish you if you miss”. How do they do that? When you take on Alora for the last time (hard mode), how the heck do you beat her? I’ve fought bots in multi, and they’re all a heck of a lot easier than Alora. It took like 20 reloads for me to get a luck shot in there and kill her. I want an honest way of killing her with the saber (no lightning or tossing her off a cliff). Is fighting her over an over a good way to train my dueling skills, or is she an unrealistic opponent? Why are all of the other non-boss saber users (especially the single saber) so much easier? I even tried spamming butterflies on Alora, and every time, she slashes me in the middle of it. I thought butterfly was supposed to be good. Or does it work differently in multiplyer? Which part of it am I supposed to hit the enemy with, the beginning or end? When I use Force Push on Reborns or Cultists, they tend to block most of it. Is there a way I can do that in multiplayer? I’ve got some other questions about sabers, but that was already a lot to digest. Thanks for any help.
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