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  1. Coruscant Jedi temple I did know. I admit I mostly was interested in the Korriban Expansion, I loved that one.
  2. I don't know what to say then. I tried to download the music mods and they are down. what about my other request?
  3. so, some time has passed, can someone list them in an ordinate list?
  4. with the loss of kotorfiles at filefront (no matter what, trying to download one will yield a "not found 404) we lost some of the most amazing heads, like "Wound in the Force". Can someone re-up them somewhere? also, a smallish request. I was especially a fan of some kotor1 male heads http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/d/d3/Manyfacesofrevan.jpg penultimate row, the first and last (the one that looks like Neo). could someone redo them for the Sith Lords?
  5. which of the great quest mods here are compatible with the Restorec Content Mod, the one hosted at Deadly Stream?
  6. Your signature link reads "Support re-release of the USM for TSL!" It's already out for TSL. Don't you mean TSLRCM? ;)

  7. that is true. I still have a few difficulties in handling the patcher, but oh well.
  8. yeah, spell animations are in the script. but as far as I know they're structured in "pieces". better yet, they are assembleable to a certain extent. look at the lightning used for the force storm powers: the same texture (colored differently) and method is used for the Death Field spell.
  9. when I say spell effects I mean VFX, visual effects. but I can't find them at all. actual effects I'm trying to restore are stuff like negative levels/sleep etc, but after browising all 2da they are quoted only once and I can't really apply them to items. both vfxs and effects I'm starting to think they'll be found in the script. if not I have no idea where.
  10. Red + Gold for me, like ROTS Sidious outfit.
  11. Stoffe's and Varsity Puppet's mod DO add new force visual effects, one with a chain lightning effect that could suit you. if TSL had stored all the NWN spell effects that could help too, but I have not found them.
  12. that head is super detailed... most impressive.
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