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  1. Good sir knight, you have the wit of an inbred yokel. You are just as capable of getting our sense of humor as you are of beating us at jk2.
  2. I actually noticed that, the primary fire was changed too. It makes basically no difference in gameplay at all.
  3. wtf are you talking about dude? Who said anything about guns with no sabers? FULL WEAPON is all weapons. And no, the "ammo" wasn't reduced in any of them. The maps all have the same ammo counts and the weapons all have the same loads.
  4. You don't know what you are talking about SnakeEyes. You are just talking about the mass newbie public server FFA scene. Who cares about that? I'm talking about the hardcore elite competition scene. The people who actually played the game in ladders and tournaments. There is far more to being an effective gunner than absorb+speed. Obviously there are the tried and true complexities such as map domination and item timing. The countless strategies and levels of craftiness that a full weapon deathmatch can provide. But JK2 is not, as you said, a quake clone, because of the added complexity of force. In quake one can't push your weapon back in your face, nor can they jump far above you in the air. Full force Full weapon in JK2 is a very complex game in its own right and saying it is the same as quake shows a lack of understanding of the gamemode. Once again, your "history" is of PUBLIC FFA NEWBIE SERVERS!!!! Real gamers in jk2 seperated the two. Full Weapon and Saber Only became seperate in competition. You are completely wrong to say that Raven tried to balance full weapon and sabers. They knew this wasn't possible and never tried. Weapons were never nerfed after 1.02. Bottomline, even after 4 years of 1.02 sabers you can't beat me at the default duel setting after i've played it all of 3 weeks. I accept your challenge of playing you on your weird tweaked non-legit settings and I guarantee you will find something new to whine about.
  5. We can NF. You didn't ask for it. Since in that other thread you were going off about how "TRUE SKILL IS FORCE" and "THE ONLY REASON SOMEONE WOULDN'T USE FORCE IS BECAUSE THEY AREN'T GOOD AT IT" I figured it wasn't your bag. That makes no sense dude. You can't just make up insane honor rules. Nobody tells Fatal1ty in CPL matches that "DOOD U CANT RUN AND GET HEALTH WTF U CANT HIDE". That's not the way competition matches are played. Anything goes dude. I won't play with your honor rules. I'm going to do anything that I feel gives me an advantage to win. It's not my fault you are a stupid gamer who can't adapt to simple gaming strategy 101. Eh, I was lightside. You were darkside. Drain wasn't a factor. I beat you pretty easily. You mean you changed the settings so you could simply spam instead of having to think about when you used force. Honestly now, is it that hard to keep in mind the amount of force used by each force power and conserving it accordingly? It was quite hilarious when you would pull 5 times in a row (using all of your force) and then standing there like an idiot as I finished you easily. dude, all you did in the full weapon match was try to rage + dfa me and push over and over. This is ridiculous. You're a newbie. You're not on my level, wtf....as I told you in the game, i've played against ragers who actually had skill and intelligence...your dip ship attempt at raging had no chance of success. You guys think you own because you run around owning newbies who don't even know enough to patch the game. You are a horrible gamer dude. Think about what you are saying here. I've played 1.02 saber FF for a total of three weeks. You've played it a total of...what...4 or 5 years? And you're telling me that you can't defeat a newb at 1.02 on the LEGIT DEFAULT SETTINGS? That's just a flat out lack of skill man. I'm a newb at 1.02 saber FF and I beat you at it. This proves several things. 1) i'm a better gamer than you are. 2) you are not very skilled 3) saber FF in 1.02 is absurdly easy and the skill cap is very low. I beat you at your own gametype. Now you are saying that you need to tweak a bunch of settings on top of that to be able to beat a newbie? Come on now. the legit setting seemed perfectly fine to me as I was beating your ass on it. Those aren't "my settings". Those are the settings as determined by Raven and as used by every major ladder and tournament in the history of JK2. Ok. But i'm not going to play by your honor rules. I'm still going to play intelligently. SOZ DOOD!!! but i'm not going to just stand there while you want to drain me. Just because that's what you and your idiot friends do doesn't mean that's what i'm going to do. That's just flat out stupid jk2 gaming. I'll still win dude. Then you'll find something else to complain about, probably my tactics. Here is the thing man....your game is saber FF...but you really can't play it, since you have to tweak the settings. I'm totally confident i'm still going to beat you on tweaked non-legit regen because you're just a stupid player. Now, on MY gametype....full weapon, it doesn't matter what you want to tweak i'm still going to rape you beyond all belief.
  6. SnakeEyes finally played me and the results are quite hilarious. First, the full weapon match...with predictable results: We then proceeded to put it on the Duel gametype, saber only full force, which Snake has claimed he is the greatest ever at in 1.02. I should point out that I have only played 1.02 sabers for around three weeks. Snake has claimed to have played 1.02 sabers EXCLUSIVELY since jk2 came out in 2001. The result? The actual duel total was 10 - 4 in my favor. The extra losses pictured there by both of us were a result of suiciding to change force powers. The "god" of saber 1.02 then began complaining about how that wasn't a "real duel" (strange since it was on DUEL GAMEMODE with SABER ONLY FULL FORCE). Apparently, "real duels" are done on FFA gametype and on FFA maps. (???????????????????????) ok, whatever. So we go to ffa bespin. The score was 2 - 0 in my favor when he started whining about force regen being default and about my tactics (running when low on health so he couldn't drain me, and other common sense things) and saying that in "real duels" you can't hide or run, you have to stand toe to toe full time. I told him that I wasn't going to play by his honor rpg rules and that I wasn't into the whole pretending to be obiwan thing. Truly, if this self-proclaimed 1.02 saber elite was truly skilled he would have had no problems whatsoever defeating someone who has played 1.02 so little such as myself. The truth was I simply outsmarted him. He is a horrible jk2 player with zero understanding of how to play the game to win competitively, and whines when anyone does something that his little newb ffa circle has never thought of (strategic retreating to regain force for example). He then claimed that I hadn't "played his gametype" because his gametype was huge masses of players in large ffa's with tweaked settings such as regentime. Considering there has never been a huge "FFA LADDER" in any game that I can recall I found this amusing. I don't see any reason why I should be expected to play on a bunch of tweaked settings. Basejk is clearly the common ground for all jk2 players. I shouldn't be expected to play on some weird regen setting anymore than if he wanted me to play him on 0 gravity or 4000 g_speed. edit: and since he keeps screaming about the movies in justifying his honor rpg rules I guess Luke was a MAJOR LAMER for hiding from vader OMFG THIS ISNT' A REAL DUEL. then when he jumps down and defeats vader I guess it's "OMFG NO! NOT REAL DUEL NOT REAL DUEL U CAN'T HIDE ROFL NEWB"
  7. in all honesty, that's nothing strange. not long ago we had a guy on our forums called "DSbr-NOOBFAN" who begged us to let him be our "newbie fan" and wear our tags. I'd say in the past few months I can think of at least 4 people who would run around wearing DSbr tags just to pretend to be on our team. And we're just the new DSbr team. The old squad from about 4 years ago or the original jk1 df2 DSbr squad were far more worshipped than we are. Staind would even get "fan mail" and that's no joke. It seriously wasnt' strange to hear people say stuff like "staind is so cool I want to be just like him". Here is a video of an incredible match played by DSbr.Staind. http://own-age.com/vids/video.aspx?id=839 This video is universally considered to be the most impressive frag video ever in jk2. DSbr's other frag/trick jump vid can be found at: http://own-age.com/vids/video.aspx?id=386 This vid, Taking care of business, remains the most downloaded and famous video ever in jk2. As MJZ says:
  8. I waited and waited. No snakeeyes. Unless this was him:
  9. I see you there on the users list. Come, play me now.
  10. the server is up snakeeyes lets play now. i'll go on there and wait for you the server is rented from mammothgames it's up 24/7 ^4U^7S^1A ^1Elite ^7No Force ^1Deathmatching|49ms| /connect
  11. The server is always up ^4U^7S^1A ^1Elite ^7No Force ^1Deathmatching|57ms| If you have to start changing settings in something, then the gamemode is flawed. Basejk 1.04 is a masterpiece of balance. jk2 is different, and more complex, than both Doom and Quake. i'll just lmfao at this one since you were saying you are the greatest 1.02 player ever in another thread. uh you mean besides every single last competition player who played on the TWL, CAL, XTGL etc ladders? I AM oldschool pal. And DSbr was a JK1 DF2 clan that moved to jk2 when it came out. honestly man, you're a nobody in jk2. You were never on any ladders or tournaments or in any high profile competition groups. you're just a 1.02 public server newbie who bashes all gametypes they suck at (full weapon, 1.04, etc).
  12. the server is now called USA ELITE NO FORCE DEATHMATCH. I made it no force nf duel with weapons enabled. very fun I must say. I don't agree with changing basejk settings, there is no point in playing that way. the end conclusion is, as I said in my review, that FF in 1.02 is flawed.
  13. no. there is a huge performance increase on the quake engine between, say, 60 and 125 fps.
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