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  1. Aw, too bad. Would've been great to infect others at this point. :p Yes, I've got a level 50 Bounty Hunter on the Imperial side (he's actually supposed to be my main and he's better geared - and richer! - than my Guardian at this point) and I have an Inquisitor at level 11 standing on the fleet, if you ever wanna do some Imp questing. :)

  2. Oh, I don't know, I didn't even know toon could still be infected. It's nice that it can, though! :) During the event, however, toons would get sicker if they stayed in one place for some time. Perhaps you could try a crowded Republic Fleet to infect lots of people? :p

  3. Hope to see you in TOR soon, Jasra, it's been some time. :) Got my toon to 50, by the way. Yay me!

  4. Hey Jasra, are you transferring your toon(s)?

  5. Nobody saw anything. :ninja2:

  6. Moderator or not, one day we're going to duke it out in TOR. :p

  7. At one point, I'll definitely cross the pond, but not for snow. I hate winter. :p

  8. Happy New Year, buddy! Hope everything's going well over there. I guess I'll see you in the folding group. :D

  9. Invitation sent. Welcome to LF. :)

  10. I had almost forgotten the Oresteia. Thank you for this wonderful piece of tragedy. If there was a point you were trying to make, however, I did not get it. I apologize. :)


    In return, I give you the only piece of Greek I know by heart:


    Μηνιν αϜειδε Θεά Πηληϊαδεω Αχιλῆος

    ουλομενην ἥ μῡρί' Αχαιoῖς αλγε' εθηκε

    πολλὰς δ' ιφθῑμους ψῡχὰς ΑϜιδι προϊαψεν

    ἡρωων αυτοὺς δε Ϝελωρια τευχε κυνεσσιν

    οιωνοῖσι τε πᾶσι · Διὸς δ' ετελειετο βουλή

    εξ οὑ δη τα πρωτα διαστητην ερισαητε

    Ατρεϊδης τε Ϝαναξ ανδρῶν και δῑος Αχιλλεύς.

  11. My first year is close to being finished, so I haven't had to choose a specialty yet. Haven't figured out what to choose yet (and I'm a bit disappointed I can't go for the Americas or Far East in my Uni), but I'll probably go for Provincial Roman Archaeology and either Greek or Medieval Archaeology.

  12. As an archaeology student myself, I found your post in the "Whether or not a man named Jesus existed" thread highly educating and entertaining. I doubt I'd have your patience in this matter, though. ;)

  13. A few words sum it up: beer, fries, chocolate, rain, reserved, boring. And I wouldn't wanna live anywhere else (well, except for Australia, perhaps). :)

  14. It's to myself, and only myself. You'll see. :)

  15. I'm not done with that cheerleader, by the way. She has... other qualities that are worth checking out. Immortality is only one of many. :D

  16. Well, well, well, who do we have here? ;)

  17. I have befriended you, DI. I couldn't stand seeing you heartbroken for one more minute.

  18. You should. My dad always says about Bruges it's one big amusement park or attraction. It's a small, pleasant city. With lots of cafés. Colin Farrell knows that more than anyone. :p

  19. Well, I'm not really reading one right now (still got other things I need to read), but I've got Othello and Julius Caesar on my list of things to read first from Shakespeare... unless you can suggest another one that I really need to have read?

  20. Oh yes, in ****in' Bruges! Couldn't help but react. ;)

  21. Pav, you will never believe what happened. I have listened to The Beatles! And I want to read Shakespeare. Yes, Hell's freezing over! However, the first isn't really true. But the second is! :D

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