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  1. TOR or no TOR, the amount of respect TSL gets wouldn't change all that much, I'd bet. Which is a shame, considering it's the better of the two games. But most people don't seem to think so, so yeah. But credit where credit's due. KotOR played a pivotal role in my personal gaming history, as it introduced me to RPGs, of which I have played many since. It has long since been pushed off of my favorite games list, but I sometimes catch myself being nostalgic about walking around on KotOR's planets (often times Manaan, can you believe it?). So happy birthday, KotOR!
  2. Yeah, I'm gonna get myself a PS4. Maybe sooner than I had planned, but not at launch, though. I tend to wait until a bit more games are available and the first problems are ironed out.
  3. Well, that seems more of a problem with your computer not being able to handle the game very well than with the place you are relative to the server. I play on The Harbinger (US West Coast) and I'm in Europe, but I don't have any serious lag issues. I get pings similar to what Lynk's got. The servers are meant to be populated, considering this is an MMO, so a server very low on people doesn't make sense, even if it's in your best interest.
  4. It seems they couldn't get him back for season 2, so I'm guessing they decided to leave him out of season 3 as well? As for the books vs. TV discussion: I'm glad the TV series did some things differently. The main task is still to create great television, not copy-past the books. And some scenes that weren't in the books were some of the best in the show and some stuff that was abandoned for the TV show made the whole thing better. That being said, I slightly prefer the books still, because the scope is massive and because of its ambition, the books are able to do things a TV show just can't do.
  5. Having read the books, this obviously came as no surprise, but hell was it hard to relive it once more. I'm missing something that was in the books and that made that particular event that more disturbing, but maybe we'll see it in what is in GoT the traditional "aftermath" season finale.
  6. I'm not asking for Steam-exclusivity here. Just that Star Wars games be available to Steam as an alternative to Origin.
  7. Indeed. If it did, I wouldn't be playing TOR. So yeah, I'm hoping future Star Wars games either make it to Steam or have a PS3/4 release (pretty likely - though I'd prefer playing something like Battlefront on the PC).
  8. Well, my "main" is on the Imp side. I tend to think I'm probably the most active Imp player of the guild. It's not like there's never anyone on, but most haven't gotten their Imp characters to 55 yet. I'm always up for doing HMFPs on the Imp side, though, haven't done enough of them anyway.
  9. To get back to this: I've been doing Primary Testing the last couple of days and I didn't get flagged for PvP when our group's healer, who was flagged, healed me throughout. I did get flagged at another occasion when I healed a flagged person within my group. This is all within a group, but this shouldn't be any different for doing the same with a person not in the group.
  10. Boy are they going to be surprised when they see Jedi being cut down like the animals they are. (Empire Forever! ) At least it's not the Clone Wars, for once. I might be one board for this.
  11. Even in its design it doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. I'll tell you what it is, though: ugly as hell. But it plays Call of Duty.
  12. I think (and this is just a guess), you'll be downloading an extra couple of Gigabytes, I'd say around 5-7GB. From what I've read, after installation it still needs to patch everything since launch. Which is quite a lot, there've been many patches since it's release. As for auto-download, the way it works after installation is when you open the launcher and log in to your account, the thing automatically starts downloading whatever it needs to get to the current version. It might do that in stages, where it'll download certain files, then install it and then start downloading again. I've read that you can quit the launcher and it'll continue downloading from where you stopped the next time you open the launcher, but I can't confirm that.
  13. As for the seeker mission: it's pretty clunky, I'll admit. But I had it pretty much down after a while. When you get a green bar, I tend to scan the area in a circle by following the green bar. Get too far, and it'll become red. The bar isn't that precise, so if it shows you to a direction in front of you, it doesn't necessarily mean you need to go straight ahead, you can still go slightly left or right. I don't use the items that are meant to narrow the search since I tend to find what I'm looking for on my own. There's usually more than one item in the area, which may be why it can show two peopel different directions to go to, I don't know. Blue/purple items are the kind that the seeker droid tends to notice and it keeps telling there is something until someone finds the special item in the area (which I have on multiple occasions).
  14. Dreamfall Chapters and Cyberpunk 2077 are on the top of my list. Others I'm looking forward to: -The Witcher 3 -Watch Dogs -Project Eternity -Star Citizen Then there are games like Prey 2 and The Last Guardian which I'm furiously hoping are still in development but in which my hope has dwindled.
  15. -The Old Republic: At this point, it probably ranks as my most played game. Being an MMO, it tends to suck you in and not let you go. And me being a completionist of sorts, I have a hard time leaving things unfinished, which is difficult in a game as massive as TOR. -Guild Wars: My first MMO and again, it's the kind of game you could play forever. I was quite a bit into PvP back then, and I would put a lot of time into it. -KotOR 2: I've played this game over and over in the years after it was released. After I grew a bit tired of starting a new game, I still came back because of the mods and testing the restoration project, so it kept me busy for quite a while. -Pokemon Silver: I would've forgotten about this one if beanlord hadn't mentioned Pokemon in his list. It's been so long, I now feel old. Anyway, I was addicted to this game when I was a kid. I'd lose so much time playing it because I always wanted to be superprepared before facing a gym leader. I'd fight all battles with trainers with only one Pokemon and then level up the others by fighting wild Pokemon to the exact level of my most powerful Pokemon.
  16. Yes, I think the Warrior or Agent are the best pick, as they are both fun to play and their story's are probably the best of the bunch (from what I've heard, I'm keeping those two classes for last, hehe). Dialog, on the other hand, is pretty much owned by the Smuggler, and to a lesser extend the Inquisitor and Bounty Hunter. And the Inquisitor's story is quite good as well, ranks high on the "epic" scale if you're looking for that.
  17. I'm always willing to help, as I'm sure many in the guild are. Or as Hassat pointed out, asking in the area might get you the help, especially if you explain why (maybe someone there might know the solution as well). @Eefluxx: Seijin (TWC's GM) pretty much laid it out nice and simple on our forum, I'm sure he won't mind me quoting him here:
  18. Yeah, if anything, they're the ones gushing over Obsidian's pitch. And judging from an earlier article, RPS aren't about to let that go as long as Obsidian haven't given up on it, it seems. It does seem rather unlikely, but with all the news I've been reading in these last few months, I'm not sure I should just dismiss this outright.
  19. I've had this issue on Makeb during one of the Weekly missions. At the last room I had to defeat an elite, but Mako didn't want to enter the room. Same with HK-51. I had to back up as well for them to be useful. I did it again yesterday and didn't have that problem anymore (used Torian). Either they fixed it or I did something different, I have no clue.
  20. This reads like sarcasm. Probably not intended, but still.
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