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  1. Heh, you might be in the minority on that one. Maybe it's just after doing Hoth for the umpteenth time, but it really gets old after a while. Ask mim. I don't mind Quesh, it's nothing special but it's short.
  2. I've had latency issues today as well, but not sure if it's the server or the internet connection. Playing from Europe shouldn't be the problem. I get between 170ms and 220ms with a good internet connection, which is fine for PvE (and I've done PvP with these numbers, in fact). Edit: Looking into the official forums, however, it does seem like The Harbinger has lag and latency issues.
  3. Some new pics from Makeb and other places: IT STARES RIGHT INTO YOUR SOUL!!! (and it seems to want to eat Mako) I've seen bigger. If you haven't been to Makeb, this is the kind of crazy stuff these people build. Just Darec being Darec, on a Volcano. This is a Wookiee. Drumming.
  4. I thought it'd be time to update Darec, so I got him the Recovered Hero Chestplate:
  5. It's definitely fun. Makeb is an amazingly designed planet, with a lot of variety in the natural surroundings, some great architecture and glorious cliffs and you will fall down! (It actually reminds me of Guild Wars' last expansion, Eye of the North. It has a similar feel, esp. in the "jungle" areas of Makeb) I completed the story with my mercenary (and got to 55 in the process) and it's really been great. There are a few lovely scenes and the cutscenes on Makeb seem to have a bit more attention to detail than the vanilla game. There are also two new questlines, one focused on using binoculars and one on seeker droids, that will see you traveling to pretty much every planet (a lot of which have gotten a new area or two in the process). While it's a fun idea, it's a bit stretched out and gets a little tedious after a while. The quests in between, which demand you to go in lairs and such, are great, though. Some (light) puzzles and some new area designs. Have gotten to the end, which are Heroic +4's and finding people to team up with at this stage seems difficult. Also did one of the "new" HM Flashpoints. If the others are similar to Athiss, then don't expect major changes to their SM counterparts. I did Athiss with mostly campaign armor (with a few level 66 pieces) and only died at the end because I couldn't evade the fire thingies.
  7. Yeah, my sage stranded at 42. I should've done some more levelling during the double xp weekends, but I got a bit tired of it, to be honest. Got my merc to 55 now, though! :) The new content is pretty cool.

  8. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Well, actually, the Emperor's death at the hands of the Knight doesn't seem to be definite. At least, that's what Wookieepedia says. And I got the impression, after you defeated the Emperor, that that wasn't the end of it, I think Kira mentioned something in that regard. I always thought that the Emperor would fit better as the boss of an Operation and needing a whole squad to kill.
  9. Most successful, yeah. "Best"? lolwat I'm guessing this was done via Skype or something, but still, looks kinda iffy. The interviewer is either really bad at asking questions or just thick.
  10. Then that's probably a bug. I think.
  11. LucasArts has been a mess for years and I can't remember the last time they made a good game as developers (Republic Commando?), so it's really neither a surprise nor a bad thing, necessarily (except for, you know, people losing their jobs). It seems to open up the chance of Star Wars games being licensed out to other game companies on a more regular basis, but then I think about what Disney said about games when they bought Lucasfilm and I wonder... This could go either way, really.
  12. Just so you know, Lynk, you asked for it. Just kidding, I behaved.
  13. Most interested in the story, even if they aren't personal stories (still a bit disappointed by the lack thereof). Can't wait to see if the different classes get some good lines on Makeb.
  14. I'm not sure Dark Horse will be in charge of Star Wars comics for much longer, considering Disney owns Marvel. In fact, I'd be surprised if they retain the rights to publish more stories after the current contract expires (pleasantly surprised, I should add, because I love how Dark Horse has handled SW comics). Anyway, I don't care much about the Clone Wars series and I'd love it if they'd finally quit oversaturating the Clone Wars era, but I don't have a good feeling, naturally, with all these projects cancelled/delayed/put on hold. I was kind of looking forward to Detours, as silly as it was, and who knows what's happening at the LucasArts division and the 1313 project.
  15. It does seem like while this may be an interesting game on its own (open-world pirate game!), it only seems to have the Assassin's Creed name for marketing purposes. The AC series has always been less about really being an stealthy assassin as many would have hoped, but this may be stretching a bit too far? It's definitely a game I'm looking forward to, if they improve on what they did good in AC3 and remove the lesser ideas and the setting should be interesting. As far as the series is concerned, though, it looks to be kind of a mess. And this yearly nonsense is oversaturating even me, who has gotten every AC game pretty much at launch.
  16. Ah, yes, that one. Got it at the first try, but was terrified all the way through that I would make a mistake. :p

  17. Well, it's been reported the central character of the game will be Connor's grandfather, Edward Kenway. Not sure if it's true, but if it is, this game would be set exactly during this "Golden Age".
  18. Ooh, long time no post in this thread. I've been reading this: Combines my love for science fiction and history, as Asimov was influenced by "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" by Edward Gibbon. Hell, he even names one of his characters Pirenne, after the great Belgian historian Henri Pirenne who wrote about the early middle ages and the decline of trade.
  19. Oh, everyone has made some foolish mistakes in this game. :p About the ballon datacrons: I don't know of any "variation" per se, but certain classes can pull you up to it so you don't have to wait half an hour.

  20. Looking good. I hope they can transfer the madness that is book 3 to the small screen. I've been hyping my friends to no end about this season, so they better! And yes, that dragon shot looks awesome. I've been a bit wary about the CGI-heavy elements and how succesful they'd be in getting those dragons/direwolves etc. right, but hell, they're doing a great job so far. @CAD: they still need to be tv-pretty, I guess. I had hoped for more than just the scar myself, as that's how I've been envisioning Tyrion in the books all this time, but oh well.
  21. It means using specific skills in such an order that it maximizes your DPS, heals or tanking and keeps your energy/focus/heat/force in check. You can have different rotations based on the situation (boss fights, single targets, multiple targets). In a way, you pick a certain amount of skills that are both useful and complementary to your other skills, and use them in a way so you are most effective in combat and don't run out of your energy/focus/whatever.
  22. Can't judge for myself as I'm not on the PTS, but from what little impressions I've read, there does seem to be more difficulty in heat management. Which, if you think about it, isn't really that hard to understand, considering how easy heat management is right now with a merc (I barely run out of heat with my regular rotation and even if I did, I have Vent Heat and Thermal Sensor Override). Still, I'd have to see for myself. It does seem like the skills hit harder and Power Shot's cast is shortened (still almost useless - oh, I remember the day Power Shot was instant). Some people say 2.0 favors Pyro over Arsenal, which would be nice for once, but not holding my breath. Others say they've made it a more effective class for PvP, which would also be nice. We might all have to adjust our rotation and say farewell to some skills, but that's the way it is. If skills disappear or are changed, I assume there must be a reason for it and that reason should be balance. So I'm hoping 2.0 balances out the classes better, then. Fingers crossed.
  23. You get a cookie for mentioning this. Amazing show, in my opinion.
  24. The new armor designs won't affect how I'll feel about the update terribly much, but I'm with you that they're horrible (mostly). Then again, I've felt that about most endgame gear in this game. They either look boring and stupid or just too eccentric for my taste.
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