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  1. Update 2.0, which has been called "Scum and Villainy", is on its way and is on the PST for testing right now. From the list of changes (subject to change, of course), we can conclude there will be a lot of it. Say "bye bye!" to a few skills and "hello!" to a whole bunch of new ones, there will be class changes and modifications to certain systems and certain aspects of the game. We'll also be getting some new toys: a new operation (holy hell, it looks awesome), new hard mode FPs (some of the early FPs are being "hardmoded", such as Cademimu, Athiss and Mandalorian Raiders) and of course, the level cap is being increased. Here is a compact page for 2.0 info and some (nice looking) screenshots. Also, inb4 mim complaining about Cheap Shot.
  2. Pretty much (plus hardmode flashpoints). The Rep system also has other stuff besides the Gree, so I'll look into those perhaps. The Gree event (in contrast to earlier events) will be recurrent, though. Monthly, two-monthly, no idea, but it's coming back, so if you couldn't do it now, you should be able to do it next time. :)

  3. Emergency patches are quite common after a big update. Not sure there were two now, though. There was one scheduled today, but got postponed to tomorrow.
  4. Sorry, didn't see the message fast enough. The server downtime is being postponed, though, it's not happening tonight. Anyway, still want to lend a hand, if you need it.

  5. Teammates, probably. If one of your group is flagged and he buffs/heals you, you get flagged as well. Then you don't get warned, that's true. Luckily, the reputation system is legacy wide, meaning every toon works towards one goal and you don't have to do all the dailies with one toon to get through the ranks at a decent pace.
  6. It's definitely their way to try reinvigorate the Ilum PvP scene. If that's gonna work, I don't know, but for the moment, there's definitely some PvP going on. By the way, Hassat, you should be getting a warning whenever you enter PvP areas. You get 10 seconds to get out of such an area if you don't want to be flagged. For the non-PvP dailies you best not be flagged, since toons from the opposing factions are definitely going to hide out in the other faction's area trying to spoil up the fun.
  7. To switch companions, go into the craft screen. Should be hotkey 'n'.

  8. Yup. At that point, they can't even hit you anymore. Tython is the starter planet for the Jedi, there isn't much for a Smuggler there except datacrons, of course. Oh, by the way, if you're a completionist, it may be worth noting Nar Shaddaa's bonus series becomes active once you're 30-31. There's a woman in the spaceport who gives you the starting quest. Same goes for Alderaan later on (around 40, then).

  9. I'm sure some of you fans of The Longest Journey and its sequel Dreamfall didn't really count on another entry into the series, I know I was starting to lose hope. But then, last year, Dreamfall Chapters resurfaced, when Tørnquist, now with his new company RedThreadGames, announced it was very much real! And not only that, after letting Chapters stew for a few years while The Secret World was in development, Tørnquist is now fully focused on the next journey of April, Kian and our trusty bird, Bird. I mean, Crow. It won't come as a surprise to you that this new TLJ game comes with a Kickstarter. They're asking 850,000 dollars, which isn't too ambitious and goddammit TAKE ALL MY MONEY. Uhum. Anyway. The Kickstarter page has some screenshots already (Zoë!!!), and the introduction video has some animations of Zoë and Arcadia, so definitely check that out.
  10. KotOR II was awesome. It's pretty much what I've been saying of late: give up KotOR III, as it's not going to happen, but let Obsidian try their hands on another period in time. To be honest, I'd rather have something other than the movie era again (don't forget, that period of time between III and IV, with Jedi being hunted, isn't too dissimilar to the setting of KotOR II), but I'll take whatever they can make happen. I'm still not really holding my breath, but it's nice they are coming out saying they really want to make another Star Wars RPG.
  11. Yeah, if I see you online, I'll look for an officer. By the way, general chat can be horrible at times, no surprises there, but you can make tabs that only allow certain channels to get through. I usually make a Guild chat, so only guild and whispers come through.

  12. Stuart Freeborn was a British make-up artist who worked on legendary films like 2001: Space Odyssey, Superman and The Bridge on the River Kwai. But arguably his most famous work is that for the Star Wars movies, for which he created and help create some of the most iconic creatures of the old trilogy, such as Chewbacca, Jabba the Hutt and of course Yoda. Mr. Freeborn eventually became almost as old as Yoda, relatively speaking. He was 98. Rest in peace, good man!
  13. I wish there was more to it than getting titles. I'm quite fond of my Legacy name, so I don't really want to exchange it for some reputation title. It'll be easier, at least, to find people to group up with to do those heroics I haven't done yet (on Voss, for example), so that's good.Like Jasra, I'm hoping it's just a start.
  14. Standalone Star Wars movies confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger. This week, rumors hinted at a Yoda movie being planned, while not too long ago, there were whispers of Zack Snyder being brought in to create a Star Wars standalone movie heavily influenced by Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. Whether either rumor bears any truth or Disney has something else in mind, we'll have to wait and see. But "great Star Wars characters that are not part of the overall saga" can be interpreted quite broadly. As the article at Screenrant suggests, this could go from relatively minor movie characters to popular characters from other media.
  15. Cartel coins as a way of improving the experience for going through the storylines? Well, as a subscriber, I don't really depend on the Cartel Market. I'd guess a few things that can be quite useful I take for granted, but in the context of just the storylines, there isn't much, I'd wager.

  16. Are you going for light side or dark side? Or choosing it as you go along?

  17. To the first question: You don't actually lose any credits you earn beyond the limit, but they are stored by BioWare in case you become a preferred player or a subscriber, at which point you get your credits back. To the second, a simple "yes" suffices.
  18. 200k for F2P, 350k for preferred status.
  19. I don't think so. It'd kind of defeat the purpose of having the whole Cartel Market system, now would it?
  20. While you always seem to get the choice, there's definitely a ideal way of getting through the content. Balmorra should be your first visit. The galaxy map shows you the ideal level range of each planet (Balmorra is something around 18, I think, while Nar Shaddaa is around 25).

  21. Ah. Well, that sucks. What kind of reason would they have to lock people out from buying purple gear? :s
  22. It also says in the article Kasdan will be consulting (so he's involved even before he gets into Episode VIII), so that's a plus. Abrams doing both Star Wars and Star Trek... I think the universe is collapsing into itself. But if he manages to make a succesful Star Wars movie, he will have revitalized perhaps the two biggest sci-fi franchises in just a few years.
  23. Well, the free PvP gear (the recruit armor with the expertise bonus) you get at 50 is just a start, of course. You get warzone commendations for doing PvP and the daily and weekly that comes with it. I'd guess if you're still a fresh 50 with not a lot of endgame gear, PvP can be rough. I can't really comment on that, since I started PvPing after already having most of my Black Hole gear. What do you mean, by the way, purple gear being unusable? Tionese Crystals were used for getting Tionese gear, but it became pretty much useless since everyone gets a free Tionese set now and Tionese vendors demand only Tionese comms, instead of comms and crystals. About the space battles... I think that's normal. I pretty much only hear Mako myself during space fights.
  24. Not all legacy gear is class-specific. The stuff you get from the Legacy vendors are and if you get them, you would for aesthetic purposes. The Legacy gear from events, for example, can be equipped by anyone (the Sandpeople Bloodguard armor, to name one).
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