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  1. A) I was playing the game alot before hand, it can't be a simple error of me buying the wrong disk. B) This is for the first Battlefront, i don't know what my graphics card is - I've got it installed on my Dads computer and i only see him every other weekend, i was hoping to get a reply fopr this thread quicker, but obviously it didn't so you'll have to wait until i can get back to that computer.
  2. I've got Star wars battlefront for Pc and i'm having trouble starting the game up, after the autoloader the screen returns to the desktop but the autoloader is invisible (Mouse cursor disappears when i got near it) So by using Ctrl-Alt and delte i've found out that there is a second message box with the following written: Cannot create Direct3D device! Error: 0x8876086a I don't know when the problem properly occoured, i was playing online (Kicking ass of course) until i closed the game down as i had to go out for dinner, the problem started when i returned and tried to load the game up. I've updated the game with all those provded by the site (1.2 and 1.3 beta) and i've also reinstalled the game a number of times, but the problem is still occouring. Anyone got an idea to whats wrong?
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