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  1. I was happy with the first game and would have been content if there were no sequel since there were little holes left to fill in the saga compared to now. Now I need closure. Is he a clone? I don't know, but it would be cool to see him fight the dark apprentice, or you know.. Boba Fett like I expected the first time. From a romantic happy ending side, it would be interesting to see how they explain how Starkiller is the original, but the more I read into it, the logistic side is saying he is a perfect clone of the original, and I don't mean perfect in Vader's terms.
  2. I don't know about the outfit, though I lean toward the combat arena armor, and as far as sabers I like to go the black and white route combo.
  3. Even if the game doesn't get made, I'd hope that Haden Blackman can get the rights to write the third book. I think us fans deserve at least that much.
  4. I definitely think Kota should die near the end and Maris Brood should also be involved in the story.
  5. Lightside is how they roll. They should make something that of the Darth Bane novels.
  6. The games story might have made more sense if there was more than what they gave. If this was adapted into a film, it'd probably run 70 minutes; about the same as a tv movie.
  7. Budget, deadlines, or just because they wanted to.
  8. I think its still interesting, but mostly in a comical "if Starkiller was a Zabrak" way.
  9. With anything Star Wars no matter how good or bad it is, there is always a mystery that comes complete with a pot of coffee and migraine pills.
  10. Yeah, I got that for PS3 when it came out. It's okay, though my laptop's Linux OS can't access some files on the flash drive. As far as the Deak costume, it's kinda weird looking and I don't really use it.
  11. Actually I believe its a shield like from ep. 1, not glass. But the second was glass that also acted as a data screen
  12. You know, i'm gonna change my answer to alive. But I think he will truly be dead by the end of the third installment.
  13. It wasn't confirmed that Starkiller was a clone, but the answer was that clone or not, he's alive, defeated Vader, rescued the girl and reassured hope for the rebellion. This one is more of a transition to the finale
  14. It was about finding answers and discovering worth, hence the trip to dagobah, the "am I a clone" thing
  15. I will agree that the story did have some plot holes in it which is bound to happen when a deadline is involved, but the story did make sense.
  16. Maybe, but LA has a new leader whose focusing internally. He may want to bring back a fan favorite
  17. If that's true then books and their movie counterparts should be equally good without one being better than the other, or also be a bundle package
  18. I think it's been long enough, and I'm calling a poll for a new Rogue Squadron game. Yes or no, and where the story should take place!
  19. Now with the new man at the helm, kicking out third party developers, maybe he'll bring FT2 back into the lineup.
  20. Bioware's never disappointed, I don't think they'll start failing now.
  21. I hate picking sides, Jedi restrict and Sith are deceitful. I'm not aligned, though I want cash so I'm freelance. haha
  22. what is it with you and hairy monkey balls?... Anyway, I thought the game and story were both great. Sure I was disappointed in how short it was and how Dagobah had nothing more to offer, but I still liked it. I hope they tie in stealing the Death Star plans with TFU3.
  23. that was pretty good. i liked the soundtrack too
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