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  1. Clan Name: Dark Council Clan Website: http://www.dark-council.co.nr Open To Challenges: Yes, but you must post them on our forums. Recruiting: Yes. The Dark Council clan is new on the JKA map, and our goal is the top. We currently have public forums, map mods, and two East-Coast USA based servers. Public Recruition Server: Private Server (clan only): We recruit based on intrest in being apart of a group of friends and nothing else. Requirements are Xfire and the JA+ mod. Visit our server if you are interested in joining. Because of the location of our servers, we currently reccomend that joiners should live somewhere in the USA or Canada, just for the best performance. Interested in joining? Post an application on our forums.
  2. I'm not going to try and bring back this kind of thread, AGAIN, I've seen it several times and I haven't picked through all the threads to find out how many of these there are. What I want to see here is people simply showing support for another JK game, not discussing IF it will come or WHAT it should have, I simply want LA to know how many people are out there that would buy JK4 in a heartbeat should it come out, and how many people would literally KILL to see another JK game, just to keep the title they have loved for some 6 years now alive and going. It's obvious that LA people read these forums, and its obvious that they are seeing some of the things we say, but what they need to see is a thread like this one with 10000000 replys saying "YES, I AGREE, ANOTHER JKA GAME IS GREAT AND I WOULD BUY IT!" That would get their attention at least enough to secure it on the todo list. As long as LA is still a company and as long as companies still wish to make money, this should be what they want to hear-- not e-mails to their support area that get binned for spam, not threads that appear on here as arguements between people discussing rumors and ideas of the new game, what they need to see is the actual REQUEST, in a place where it won't just get cast aside. If they dont see it here, where will they see it?? JA Fans, please, post here IF you want a new Jedi Knight game!!!
  3. YES PLEase. I'm having the exact same problem, cept im running on JA+ mod, which really shouldn't make a difference. My IP changes every time i reconnect, but that really shouldn't be the problem either. NOBODY, not even me, can see my freaking server, and I've tried everything on my own-- i set the net_forcenonlocal to 1, did absolutely nothing. I can't set the net_ip to anything but localhost without it completely not working. I've set the port to 21000, that's default, and dedicated to 2, and set the com_hunkmegs (whatever that is) to 64. That is all the defaults for my dedicated server. SOMEbody please help us, come on. EDIT: I forgot to mention, i'm using jedi academy, but it really has the exact same problem as jk2 does, they use the same engine. EDIT: Also, I work behind a router, but my network admin insists that there is no interference by the router .. is he mistaken??
  4. ....you throw your pencil, expecting it to whirl around and come back... ...you try to jump the grand canyon, thinking you can do a double, then triple, then quadruple jedi jump... ...you're running fron the cops and you hold out your hand, attempting to do force lightning... ...you pull out a toy lightsaber during a barfight... ...you kill 6 people then yourself, hoping to be able to respawn as a Jet Trooper... ...you 'compliment' your girl that she looks better than aayla secura... ...you run up to a white lamp, waiting for it to turn blue... ...you're running track and you stop, looking for a bottle with yellow liquid... ...you go up to a trash can and expect it to give you ammo... ...you get all beat up and start looking for a tall balck droid... ...a kid throws a red ball at you and you run away... ...you say LOL instead of laughing... ...you shoot a bird, thinking it was a vulture dorid... ...you shoot 6 dummies in the head and expect to get a precision pistol... ...you're still reading this...
  5. OK, there is enough proof now that LA is definately working on KOTOR III. Hoping that they pay attention to these posts, lets start a wish list for it. Everyone post a reply, the more feedback, the better! Edit: My first wish is multiplayer. Sounds a bit far fetched, but it should create, like, 4 options for multiplayer. Deathmatch, Pazzak Game, Swoop Race, and CO-OP. Deathmatch is just like a face-off between several characters, and they just attack free-for-all, or on teams. Pazzak is pretty self-explanatory, so is swoop race. CO-OP should be where several main characters engage in the main game, until they quit or until it ends. This would mean several parties would be out at once, each with their 2 other side characters(like T3M4 and HK-47), and the player's character. Obviously that would mean, depending on the multiplayer's party limit, there would be on option for a player to join, select his limited party members, and join. The party member ratio could be set for options like, 2 main characters and 4 side characters each, or 4 main characters and 2 side characters each, or 8 main characters and 1 side character each, or maybe even 64 main characters and 0 side characters each. It would be cool, wouldn't it?
  6. sounds like a good idea, but it doesnt seem like it would run if KOTOR I wasnt installed. besides, checking the .ini file probaly wont do much good, it would have to continue from a save game. It would be cool, though, it could bring up an option when you choose to start a new game 'do you wish to continue from a KOTOR 1 save game?' and, if there is no save game to continue from, or if you choose 'no' it would just make it so revan is very more mysterious and he/she would just be wearing those big sith robes so noone knows but, really, that would mean bringing back all the old maps from KOTOR 1, and who would be the people you're fighting? the problem with creating sequals to KOTOR is there are too many varibles good luck, LA!
  7. i play this one too becuz i havnt bought JKA yet
  8. if a SWBF 3 comes out, its likely going to be for the XBOX 360, or the PS3, or the new nintendo... what sucks is not many PCs can handle those graphics... lest a nice one with a ge-force 7800 or something like that unfourtinately, LA may see this logic and not even make the game for PC... but I'm not giving any ideas or anything... lol
  9. I would, but I'm PC, dude, sry...
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