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  1. The problem (i beleive) is that you already have an account with gamespy using the same e-mail address. Go to thier website and try to retreive your password from them. (E.G. Try and log in and go to the lost password function) Then use the password they e-mail you. I had the same problem, I had an account but couldn't remember the password...I don't even rememeber signing up. *shrug* Tell me how it turns out.
  2. It's an easy fix I beleive. Whenever it happens to me I hit the arrow keys a bunch of times and it goes away.
  3. Ok this is going to sound really stupid, but try running that little compatability program that comes with the game... (It can be found when the spash screen comes up under "Help" > "Analyze your computer") Who knows, maybe it'll help! It checks to make sure that every aspect of your computer (both hardware and software) is able to run the game. Now it won't FIX it for you, but at least you can narrow it down. ^_^
  4. Hello, I'm having fun playing EaW, however there is a certain bug that is causing me no end of grief.... The scene: playing as rebels on the "galactic conquest" map, single player. Ai attacks me at Dagobah The conditions: The ai has a fairly large fleet, I have a few x-wings, and a level 2 station. Also an ion cannon and shield on surface. Now they manage to get past space, their land attack begins... I manage to defeat them. All is well right? WRONG. You see I managed to beat them back without any losses, but when I got to the summary screen I had lost my ion cannon AND my shield. This proceeded to happen about 2 other times when the AI attacked me....and I've spend a fairly large amount of credits on lots of apparently disposible ion cannons/shields... Thanks for your time, keep at it gents!
  5. I had the same issue...I just assumed it was a black hole. *shrug*
  6. Hi everyone, let me start out by saying that I am thoroughly enjoying Empire at War!!! It's a great game, and with some patching and a couple of mods it'll be perfect. Now, on to business. My friend and I were playing galactic conquest the other night and decided to save and quit. However before we did I suggested that we get palp and obi-wan together for a duel on some random planet. My friend heartily agreed, and we did so. I landed obi-wan, and he brought palp in an invasion force, they stood in the rain in a melodramatic fashing, they met in battle...and they just swatted at each other. How lame is that?!?!?!?! Anyway, I thought I saw some video of vader and obi wan dueling...but I guess it was just a cutscene. :(
  7. Ha! For once it's not a bad thing to live in Wisconsin!
  8. The rebels always know where the death star is I think. At least, when I played the campaign I saw the death star the entire time... It makes sense. I imagine it's pretty hard to keep something that big hidden.
  9. Since I first saw Episode IV over 12 years ago.... Ok maybe that's a stretch, but I'd like to see anyone beat it!
  10. I think we need a video of Veers getting pwnt by a rancor.... ...please?
  11. No, I want realism. I was just commenting that they have realism in one area (strength of the two factions) and not in the other. (lack of politics, no persistant damage, etc...) I don't mind that the Empire is stronger, that makes sense...it's the other stuff that makes it unbalanced IMO.
  12. Then I guess we have to ask ourselves what the heck obi-wan was smoking in episode IV... "And these blastpoints, too accurate for sandpeople. Only Imperial stormtroopers are this precise."
  13. You know, I had all this stuff written out in response to all of your comments, and then I read lukeiamyourdad's post and I think I will just "take a step back and wait." If the balance issues remain after a couple of months, you guys will hear about it again! Thanks for all the discussion. Long live the Republic!
  14. Hi everyone, normally I wouldn't post a rant like this but in this case I can't help myself, I would really enjoy some feedback to see if anyone other people (especially alliance players) have been having the same qualms with EaW. Many of these same topics have been discussed here before, but when you put them all together it spells certain doom for alliance players. Petroglyph has strived in empire at war to make a game that isn't restricted by the normal hindrances of a RTS; also one that isn't "bogged down" by the "burden" of persistent damage and politics. (Oh my gosh you have to think!!! Heaven forbid. ) Now, this results in a game that is more "game like" than realistic. This in itself is not a problem, however, if you take into consideration the fact that they have gone to anal-retentive lengths to make the Empire as powerful as possible (E.G. Quality ships, more ships, FREE FIGHTERS, three jedi-characters, etc, etc, etc...) you can see the Petroglyph paradox: On the one hand, they have this concept that the game shouldn't be "too realistic" in the sense that you shouldn't have to deal with damage/politics/resource gathering/etc...and yet they are making sure that is "completely realistic" in regards to the balance of power between the empire and the rebellion. (In other words the empire outnumbers the alliance 100 to 1 in many senses of the word.) This leaves the rebellion with almost NO advantages over the empire. Let's go through some examples. 1. The empire has taken all the planets needed to build the death star and researched all the needed technologies. So they build it, and send their fleet to the nearest rebel stronghold planet using their massive fleet to clear the orbital forces without major losses. Then they send the death star in, and blow up the planet. The galaxy is outraged at the loss of millions of lives to the empire, dissent begins on some imperial words, and some even join the rebellion becau- oh wait, no politics. Never mind. 2. Ok, ok, let's try this. An imperial probe droid has located a major rebel planet, that is protected by their strongest fleet. The empire begins building a fleet capable of destroying the rebellion fleet. The alliance finds out about this, and sends in a strike force to damage the imperial fleet so that the fledgling alliance fleet will have more time to build up their forces. In a daring raid against the imperials they manage to destroy (or at the very least disable) most of the imperial fleet. The strike force was completely wiped out, giving the alliance the time they needed to build up their for- oh wait, instant repair!! The imperial fleet swooped down and crushed the rebel fleet about 10 minutes after the strike force. 3. One of the greatest advantages of the alliance was their supposed "spy network" which gave them the ability to know what the empire was up to. However, from playing the demo I've found that you can't see the fleets, the ground troops, or (most of the time) the fleet movements of the empire. So I'm guessing in order to get that stuff you have to put a rebel infiltrator in place on each planet....which means *drum roll* it's no better than the empire's probe droid!!! So much for that. 4. Heroes. I don't really need to go into detail about this, but the fact that Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Mara Jade, and Boba Fett are all on the Imperial VIP list...makes Mon Mothma, Luke Skywalker, and Kyle Katarn look like pansies. One other thing on this subject, one of the victory conditions is “kill the enemy leader”. Now, who do you think is harder to kill: Mon Mothma, or the Emperor? I’ll leave that to your capable imaginations. I'm going to leave it at that, thanks for reading.
  15. I'm sorry, but this chat made me want to cry. There were questions that were completely obvious... "Can the death star destroy planets?" OH COME ON!!!! Also questions which involved things we've known for months... "Will empire at war be modable?" *tears* Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that the devs are so involved and willing to give up their time to chat with us....but we really need to think of better questions.
  16. Ask most anyone who played SW:G. ("Played" being the oprative word)
  17. Um I think that's wrong actually. I'm pretty sure a dev said that repairs would be instantaneous after a battle. Anyone want to back me up/refute me on this one?
  18. Yeah it's a shame really...but at least it's not being hosted by Sony online. *shiver*
  19. It brings a tear to my eye to see a jedi go to the dark side
  20. Oh come on, why would so many people vote for BFME 2? I mean, they added Tom Bombadil as a hero unit!!! It's bizarre! Empire at War has my vote.
  21. I remember way back in the day when the devs were talking about the *possibility* of adding politics into the game. This gave me a great sense of calm because I knew that if my buddy ran around blowing up dozens of planets with the Death Star that the tide of political support would shift against him. Imagine my utter dismay when they revealed that politics "didn't fit" into Empire at War. "Mwahahahaha," my friend cackled at the news, "Now you're really screwed!" The power to blow up a planet with little to no repercussions. Something my friend should never have. But then, the devs announce that the death star has a deadly weakness...if it is destroyed, then the empire loses. Suddenly my friend isn't so eager to send the death star to every rebel planet he finds, because somewhere in the far reaches of the outer rim sits a farmboy, in a slightly worn x-wing prototype; ready to seal his fate. Considering the awesome might of the Empire, the rebels will be spending most of their time in fear...running...striking where they can, but not in huge force. This is the one point where fear is turned against the Empire, and I think it's quite fair.
  22. You must be playing a mod sithman I'm fairly sure the limit in the unaltered demo is 40,000. But in the full game there shouldn't be a limit that small...
  23. Yeah, that'll hapeen within 48 hours I'm guessing.
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