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  1. OK, im sorry i didn't know i was Spamming.... The reason i don't like these questions, is because ive heard them before and heard the answers. Some on them are in the videos at http://www.empireatwar.net/galacticmap/index.htm. And the first question was answered in that Mulitplayer Diary on Gamespot, that I told everyone about on here.
  2. Q) If I recall correctly, Emperor Battle For Dune had co-op when you connected online and you could play the campeign together. Will EaW feature a co-op system and if so, how will it be done? A) You can play the campeign together but one person needs to play on the rebels side the other the Empire side. Could you tell us more about natives or other speices? Benifits? what they do? etc. A) there are quite a few native speices in the game rangeing from Bothins to Hutts...the bothins if they are on your side help incress your spys ablitys, the Hutts on the other hand will incress your income for your creadits. Q) Do the explosions of destructed objects/units -both in ground and space- affect the nearby area/units? A) Yes. Im not happy with the choosen Questions.......
  3. I know that we will be getting the answers today if all goes well. But does anyone know when we will get them?
  4. Im a little disaponted that the Demo isn't MP as well as SP, but at the moment it doesn'tm bother me because a few days ago my comp messed up (using my dads at the moment) which isn't as good as what mine was. So i need to get a new computer, but that won't be until the end of MARCH!!!!! NOOOO WHY ME, :( oh....and good find Master Jack
  5. http://www.simplygames.com/product.asp?id=5686 go to the above link...... £22.98 Free Del But you might not get it on the release Date
  6. I properbly be getting both depending.... Ive already pre ordered EAW, because it's about time we had another RTS Star Wars game set in the origranl time frame. But im going to wait for the review of BfmE 2 b4 i buy it, because of how the first one turned out.
  7. ok thanks popcorn2008...i wounded what happened to that, i was about to redo the thread.
  8. I don't know if anyone else noticed the new screen shot on the offical website http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swempireatwar/indexFlash.html Also if you look at the Bottom Right of it, under the planet name of "Endor" the pop caps.....im not sure of this, but that looks like !!!69!!! to me.....
  9. 1) How does the Trench Run work, when destroying the death Star with Red Squad? 2) When Heros land on a planet to do you see them coming out of there hero Ship? eg Slave 1 lands and out comes Boba Fett? 3) Are you able to capture enermy hero units? 4) Is there any type of RPG element for the Heros to get there ablitys? 5) When in "Movie Cam" in space or land, are we able to follow a perticular ship/land unit? eg Slave 1? I think that just about coves my questions so far Thanks
  10. Still there is no update to the offical site, i would have thought that they would have at least put something up 2day with it being friday (they normaly update on fridays) I know friday isn't over yet, but i would have a guess that there offices are closed by this time.
  11. Yeah, i can see where your coming from. but how many games these day need a joystick.... for example, Freelancer is sort of simliar to XWA, and your able to play that without a joystick, just a keyboard and mouse. Also im not a primarily a FPS more of a RTS player that y you'll see most of my posts on the EAW area, FPS come seconed and RPS im just getting into thanks to KOTOR.
  12. B4 i begin, i need Darth_Torpid-PG approvel so please can no one else post on this thread b4 i get the go ahead with from him In a previuse post Darth_Torpid-PG, said that he would answer some questions that he is allowed to. So i wounded if i opened up this thread that any questions that the fans whatted to ask would be all in one place for you and them. If you don't what to or carn't no one here will think any less of you Darth_Torpid-PG, after all your working on the Game that everyone on here wants.
  13. Let me guess the ones on Vacation are managerment Whats left to do on the game if you don't mind me asking? And as for "I don't Anticipate any problems" i hoped you touched wood after saying that, don't what to ginks (i think thats how you spell it) it. But anyway thank for info
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