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  1. haha dead topic, much? Personally I think that the whole romance thing should be optional; it's not everyone's cup of tea, and while I would like to see something a little deeper than shown in previous installments that's clearly not the general consensus that everyone shares.
  2. Yeah it would wind up being pretty easy to have a party of 1 lol ...Not an ideal situation, but in truth, that's why it's a role-playing game; it's supposed to evolve with the player.
  3. I think it's pretty likely to expect a lot of returning faces, but considering how there are so many paths that the PC can follow (based on actions in the other games), and remembering that in the past they've always just ignored characters whose continued existence is ambiguous based on actions in a previous game, it would be hard to implement. One way they could get around it would be to have checks basing the available characters on what you answer to the questions of your actions in previous games (Revan's gender, Revan's alignment, Exile's gender, Exile's alignment). That means that even if your character pool was decided on simply by that, there would be 16 DIFFERENT scenarios decided upon right off the bat. Now this would affect all kinds of things within the game, and then adding into the mix your character's gender and alignment, that makes a grand total of 64 different scenarios to change those who travel with you. So in theory, we could have a whole host of recurring characters, but in actuality, it'd be a lot easier for them to start pretty much afresh with a few mentions here and there for those who *might* still be alive. Just to cover some: -Bastila could have died if Revan was DS and chose to kill -Canderous/Mandalore may have died on Malachor along with the rest of the K2 party -Carth may have died if Revan was DS (as was replaced in K2 by Admiral Cede) -HK-47 could have been destroyed on Malachor -Juhani could have died in several places if Revan was DS -Mission could have died if Revan was DS -T3-M4 could have been destroyed on Malachor -Zaalbar could have died if Revan was DS -Atton could have died on Malachor -Bao-Dur could have died on Malachor or on M4-78 (conjecture) -Brianna could have died on Malachor or on Telos -G0-T0 could have been destroyed on Malachor -Hanharr could have died on Malachor -Kreia is dead -Mical could have died on Malachor -Mira could have died on... guess... -Visas could have died in many many places What I'm trying to highlight is the fact that the only characters that will DEFINATELY recieve some kind of appearance/mention are the Exile and Revan. Everyone else is potentially dead. UNLESS they implement the idea I stated above, whereby available returning characters would be decided upon by your choices in previous games. ...Sorry, that was longer than I meant for it to be. EDIT: I also agree heavily about the influence system, and how it should be edited in the ways outlined above, giving characters different personas based on LS high inf, LS low inf, DS high inf, DS low inf. Yet another variable. This game has the potential to be huge... I only hope it's not ruined. EDIT EDIT: I love the idea one post below about party members leaving. That's quite a nice idea, although unlikely to be implemented.
  4. You would think that "someone" would have made it. But it's a lot of work to make, and apparently this is not the case. Even if Fred Tetra were still around, he only makes K1 maps for a fee anyway due to the sheer time it takes. But anyway it's a moot point because he's clearly not still around and I only still maintain this topic because I said I would, and not because I believe anything will actually be done. ^_^
  5. Someone at my college mentioned the other day that he saw a press release confirming details of K3, however searching in searching, all I have found is conjecture and heresay. The point is, we've all been speculating about K3 for what... almost two and a half years now; the fact that nothing concrete has yet to be released suggests that it's either going to be one of those super secret sudden releases that just seemingly happens overnight, or one that is going to be another couple of years (and I mean years, not months) in the making (*cough* Duke Nukem *cough*). I seriously can't see this being a "secret" release, because it would make a heck of a lot more sense to hype it up and monopolise on the raving lunatic star wars / kotor fans than to quietly slip the game in the back door. Just my two cents (First post in almost a year ^_^).
  6. Oh my bad, I forgot about KH2. Until recently I thought that Chain of Memories WAS KH2! And since the KH wikia seems to have gone along with that manner of thinking I'll do a little editing on that side later... Sorry about that, back on topic; I can't do anything related to modding at the moment because my BRAND NEW VISTA PC... has crashed. I'm (rather embarissingly) running on Win Me for the time being so despite my return, I can't offer any help besides what I posted earlier (half of which is now in dispute ).
  7. Okie, I have a few: Abaddon dance from Guild Wars Nightfall TSLRP Trailer (Why has this not already been posted?) Halo 3 Starry Night Trailer (Remixed to "I need a hero") http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77r7kIA4ToM Next-gen Star Wars (Really old, but still looks cool) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swk5F1G2yyc Cut content (Sion .vs. Nihilus) Well i think that'll do for now.
  8. There was an organisation 13 in FF? I kinda guessed you meant KH... Anyways, after a quick look at the robes that are flying around it seems the black starforge robes (or the revan's robes minus the hood) would best suit your purpose. After that you could perhaps have the old "Jedi Hoods" mod and use the one from the Sith Lord Robes. Could I also mention that I was under the opinion that only the first 10 names are known and not all 13; i believe you are speculating on that point.
  9. Darn, it looks like I was away while there was a big Final Fantasy argument going on... and I do so love putting fanboys in their place... Uh... yeah... back on topic, Darth Seraph did you ever get around to asking T7 about Blood of Manevolence? I just read through the topic and while #37 cast revive on the topic its only a month out of date so theres no reason to suggest that it's dead. Hey Prime, my new MSN name is now "Hello, Pot? This is Kettle. You're black." I cracked up when I read it and so did my buddy who was next to me at the time.
  10. I change mine daily. Today mine is: http://www.digitalblasphemy.com/fshow.shtml?i=coalescence&w=1600&h=1200&y=2005&n=Coalescence&b=count The free gallery there is pretty good, I recommend it to anyone that fancies something new.
  11. Hey there Devon! Still making your point about completedness I see? I agree with you nowadays; what with the restoration project almost finished, I wouldn't pay for an expansion pack on a game that can be made complete by downloading a *free* expansion made by people that get the job done well enough to check for errors first. I'm not digging at Obsidian because I realise why this is and why the ending is kind of half arsed and I know its not thier fault, but still, the TSLRP will be better than an official expansion ever could have been. This topic is, in my opinion, a waste of time because while an expansion would have been a nice idea two years ago, since the modding started we have been slowly restoring the cut content and I wouldn't like to be tiptoeing around some more half arsed content. Also as discussed above LA said no. Money would be better spent on K3.
  12. Okay lets see... I play Halo, Halo 2, any SW games, Guildwars (inc. Factions and Nightfall), Battlefield 2142, Timesplitters (1,2,3), Dynasty Warriors 4, Mario Kart DS, Metroid DS, Lost Magic. (Those are pretty much my ongoing faves; there are more, but they are the main ones at the moment.)
  13. Well SP3 will be the least of my worries, my new PC (due in Feb) is Vista compatible, so no XP service packs for me. It's 3D icons and Halo 2 PC for me
  14. Well neither do I, but this was the best place to post it. I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I have genuinely missed coming here. @Carlo El Sanchez: Not quite the same thing as I left and came back out of choice but yeah; there's a tad of similarity there.
  15. Its a shame to see this topic almost died. I'm gonna say the same thing I said three months ago, and, assuming you still want this done, I will LOOK INTO IT when I reinstall TSL. Again, no promises on results cause this would be quite a large endevour...
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