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  1. Still no go, keeps botting me to desktop during both single and multiplayer games.
  2. First and foremost thanks a lot for your help zerted, at least for trying. Now i do have DirectX 9.0c, and if i try to run the installer it says i already have latest directX. I actually managed to finish a few levels before the game crash, but the time i get to play is random at best. I know a bit about these metal spawns of hell, and will try disabling the drivers. Event tracker shows 'application hung', but gives no more information. Swap file 1Gb+, with at least 2/3 free when i start SW:BF2. In regards to 'what should i do if my computer goes to a black screen or locks up', tried that, once it gets locked its locked - no matter what i press there is no response.
  3. I will try win2k compability mode. Yes i have uninstalled and reinstalled the game clean into a new directory. My graphic card is supported (GeForce FX family) Lastly, directX can not be "reinstalled" to the best of my knowlage, you cant even downgrade it since 8.something. edit: no go, still closes and boots me to desktop
  4. Got the game a few days ago, the 4CD version. Installed it on my box without any problems and went at it. Few minutes into the tutorial the whole thing froze. Alt+F4, Alt+Ctrl+Del didnt do anything, NumLock was dead, had to reset. Same thing happened a few more times untill i got fed up and went on google for solution. Things i have done: Disabled sound (in the options>audio>mixer>disabled) Lowered all settings (both video and audio) In the shortcut properties put win98/me compability Re-installed audio/video drivers (even though i had the latest ones) ScanDisked the HDD, no errors found Antivirused with BitDefender Tried playing with ALL background applications closed Sad part is not that nothing above helped, but that there is absolutely no way to track down the cause of this, at least from my perspective. When the application locks up or just poofs (boots me to the desktop in random places), there is no crash.log to be found anywhere. My system: AMD Athlon XP 2700+ @ 2.2 gHz 512MB ram 128MB nVidia GeForce FX 5200 RealTek AC97 onboard audio SMC EZ 10/100 PCI netCard WindowsXP Pro sp2 No "powerup" tweaks have been done to the system. Any suggestions?
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