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    I like hangin up with my buddys and meetin my girlfriend and of course listening to music
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  1. looks as if most of the desciptions are copied from the manual ... Style is nice, but personally i miss the old style. this ones still nice ... but the old one was quite unique.
  2. no, its said in the rating of eaw: no idea?
  3. could somebody please help me? I'm from germany and I usually understand english pretty well, but ive read a review recently and so far .. ok. but what does Tilt and Value mean? can somebody explain that to me?
  4. who cares of expansions now? would be more interesting to know waht effects the weather included in the game thats being released next weeks friday has.
  5. Today I was talking about the weather with a friend of mine. the weather in eaw of course . I do know, that sandstorms decrease the efectiveness of rockets and that rain decreases the effevtiveness of blasters or lasers. and when sun is shining everything is just cool. Does anybody know which effects Snowstorms or blizzards and rain of ash have?
  6. the best thing would be to have persistant damage to be an option that can be turned on or off. a small option that can be enabled before playing a galactic conquest game. that would leave the decision by the player.
  7. tomorrow the BFMEII demo will be available, but its goingt to be 1.3 gb big. im going to buy both.
  8. this for sure are screens from the final version ... eaw-fr just got an final test version build in februray ...
  9. I just noticed, that they are more slow when engines are destroyed
  10. nice shots, indeed. but they are quite old ... hell, cant wait to finally play that game... look at that shot: good old manaan reminds me of KotoR I
  11. wtf? thats incredibly amazing ... 70 *NEW* Shots ... wow!
  12. you also can get it at EaWHQ! >Download< usually we are between 150 and 250kbs
  13. what does the star destroyer do there? is that wepaon some kind of ion cannon or what is it?
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