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  1. Way cool. Colour and orange-red all the way, besides. =) The text is hilarious. ArteLoco indeed. ...Though doesn't really strike as a potential story for kids.
  2. VampireNaomi, you may tell you brother for me he's a disgrace. People who do that to the Sacred DVDs are disgrace, aren't they? =) Pho3nix, overrated-ness doesn't translate into bad quality. Ratings are to do with publicity, after all, not art.
  3. All those drawings are fantastic, creative and beautiful. Though I don't agree with quite a few interpritations =). My personal favourite is Eva so far - as a matter of viewing the character, of course.
  4. I know that last Don Juan skeleton picture, but (of course) never even barely remembered that it appeared in GF. Amazing. Not that I've ever heard of the artist. Those calaveras of his are rather fascinating, if disquieting.
  5. My Dad, in fact, is a huge fan of Glottis, for some reason. By the way, cool smilie. And, ...is the word 'Jedi' even countable?
  6. Cool! Good-resolution GF mural, look at that. Never knew about mobygames website before too recently, myself; what a shame. Thanks for bothering, great result.
  7. Hey, Frenkieee, that hurts. It's a serious accusation to make, you know? But yeah, I guess, there is a couple of other things but GF I sometimes happen to think about. Shame on me!
  8. What, Manny smokes cigars in the game? It's not like I remember, though, of course. But, there's a difference between smoking cigars and cigaretts; the latters Manny utilizes all right. =) 'The Making of GF' is a fantastic idea, VampireNaomi. I agree totally. Anyway, just how exactly painful that would have been for LucasArts? And I'd love a thick cool booklet, and, as El Virus (liu!!!) so desperately put it, a couple of new places to visit in-game. Of course, it goes as given that the game itself 'd be re-released with some troubles (like elevator) patched up. Okay, I really don't have any original ideas, I confess. Just too much free time.
  9. When something, like computer, for example, gets too slow or stuck, you say 'This ... is slow', and hum the 'This Elevator Is Slow' melody. When you call your burrito at the Mexican restaurant 'a bunch of burros' ('for eternity'). When you are *still* not ready to abandon the dream to get a GF2 or a re-release after ten years of nothing.
  10. People, your computers have troubles. =) I wonder, would you see that pic now?
  11. El Virus, hey, what's suddenly wrong with your username? VampireNaomi, 'back' is a bit harsh, I'd say. As for me, I was just passing by. Still, nice to see familiar faces. About that itchythesamurai's picture: I honestly can't understand why you too don't see it. What, nothing helps at all? On both of comps here it opens prettily.
  12. Wow, itchythesamurai, that pic is fantastic. I wonder what the hell the 'Something Awful' is, though. But - whoever did it cerainly can draw. Okay, I've a couple of pic-manips on my comp that have been there for more than a year. Now that I plan a major clean-up I thought I'd change them a tiny little bit and post here. Nothing to lose, anyway. Here's a real simple GF Mural wallpaper: Full version: 195 Kb This is some stray DOD logo: Full version: 36 Kb Finally, a shaky rendition of DOD entrance hall: Full version: 93 Kb There. Me is done. I think I deserve a chocolate.
  13. Thanks for reminder; they're showing Casablanca tomorrow night on TV here, I shouldn't forget to watch. Even the photos from that movie look amazingly Rubacavian.
  14. El Virus I don't think New Year is a 'just'; I'd love to celebrate it properly. It's the lack of the right people, right places and that supposed christmas-spirit that makes celebration undesirable. New Year and Birthday are the biggest holidays of a year, after all. Or Christmas and Birthday, for religious folks, I guess. I had a reason: I wanted to see how long I can last without sleep. Happened gradually: two days were usual for me at that time, then three, finally four. The more you skip sleep, the more drunk you feel. Like a constant hangover. I envy those who feel perfectly all right sleeping only three or four hours a day. We all want to have what we can't, I suppose. Dreaming of it makes no difference anyway. Sometimes I'd like to be a male, for example, and I'm sure that if I were one, I'd have similar ideas of being a female. I'm materially supported by mother, so, technically, I don't 'live alone'. Practically, now I've been alone in mother's flat for a month, while she was in Israel, but her return this Friday may rise the question of my accommodation once again. I hope it won't, though; I don't particularly have anywhere to go. If results are disappointing in any case, then why bother with profound logic. I think I've always been sort of accidentally thown into all relatively important events of my life; sometimes, when I try to weigh all the possibilities, it all becomes, as you have said, such a tough dilemma, that I end up acting instinctively at any rate. Why do you think they were more frequent in the past? It's all the same, I think; people never change in these aspects. We don't have arranged marriages as a common rule now, at least. Besides, happy couples aren't as rare as you seem to believe. This is what I believe. Oh, come on. Sports, competitions, Olympic games in general - they're excellent, for those participating, - and even to watch the champions and wonder at fellow humans' unique abilities. And there're figure skating and gymnastics, by the way. But it's one thing to admire that amazing strength and skill and and hard work of particular persons, and another, when two herds of inexplicit species in multicolored shorts run and jump around one stupid ball. In my opinion. Better they'd read some clever book. All right, I just don't understand it. I'm not sure what they made it seem like, really. Here, the largest pretensions concern the lack of decent food supplies and freedom of speech. But, well, looks like they lived on spiritual repast, so to speak; science, art, multicultural relations were on high. Uhum. My father's father was a military man, so after the War he'd been constantly moving with his unit around the Baltic part of the Soviets, and he was staying in Lithuanian SSR when he retired. My mother went to work in Vilnius after she graduated from university in Saint-Petersburg, by assignment. It was the same country back then. Say, is Spanish your first language? Do you know Italian and German? I've just noticed Astor Piazzolla's Argentinian. Seems I know at least something coming from your country. Who's Tom Clancy? -- See, I don't know anything. Reading is educative, of course, but differently. You learn facts, and theories, and a lot of very handy and clever and important subjects from your books. I wasn't able to read at all for some time, and that what I now rarely read... khm. It teaches about human nature, maybe: various reactions to similar situations, reasons for unreasonable actions, good and evil traits of characters swapping over - about these ever changing elusive things, so that, naturally, it teaches nothing. Besides, 'enough' is an elastic notion. Huh, I wonder what would you seem like in Lithuania, for example. These people can be icebergs, sometimes. In which thread?.. In the past, I had also felt like that, but as a collection grows, boxes become redundunt and inconvenient - for me. Isn't it much easier to stock and search for a needed item in the 100*-CD cases? "Полюшко-поле"? Even the title sounds ridiculous. I guess I have no interest whatsoever in Russian folk-whatever. Was fed up with калинки-рябинки-берёзки since the early childhood, and have always considered such things being meant for toddlers. Perhaps it's all too natural, native for me to understand the supposed beauty of it. Your point of view is astounding. Калинка... Офигеть можно. Wait. "Полюшко-поле" - isn't that a military song? I don't remember hearing it, but - do you really call an army song 'folk music'? And I didn't recommend Krajewski, I only inquired. Of course, I like him very much, but I doubt it has much to do with Russian culture. Nothing, more like. By the way, yesterday was Krejewski's 56th birthday, which I had completely forgotten about. I'll try to remember henceforth. I don't think I'm a fan of Conan Doyle, but that of Sherlock Holms definitely. It's sad that I've learned almost by heart all stories about him many years ago and can't enjoy the grand mysteries any more. Though I still have details to explore.
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