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  1. If the money statement is true, then Lucasarts is overlooking a few things: A)Extra time needed to recode in the game features to a new engine. Different engines work differently, so all the coding done by FR is wasted. Sure, FR transferred over the gfx, models, maps, and coding, but what's the point of having coding if you can't use it on a engine that can decipher it? B)Buying licenses isn't insanely expensive, in fact, I know some of them charge based on how many copies are sold (think of it as relative to a console tax). Many games are made on other engines. FR did say that the budget for the game was already high, so coupled with the "investment" made into producing the game already in transferring the data to Rebellion, investing a tad more into a license to solve issue A and C should be a no-brainer. Furthermore, lots of games are already made based on this. Unreal engine is a well known one. C)Disappointment in PR with fans going up to release. Seamless Ground->Space = MUST HAVE!!! NO CUTSCENES AS "SEAMLESS". NO CUT MATERIAL (remember officers from Bf1? or how space turned out? or "embeded" movie footage in the campaign? or the removal of air units in "land"?). I for one won't be buying Bf3 until it goes into the bargain bin if it doesn't have this. Too many letdowns from Bf1 and Bf2 based on the hype beforehand might lead to slower uptake/sales as people wait for reviews. Anyone think that a unified petition across multiple forums should be made? .(lucasforums, forums.lucasarts.com, forums.starwars.com, theforce.net, etc.) If not on buying the rights, then at least petition them to take time to make a quality game and not rush it, I would think we can live with delays as long as it is a quality game, we've already waited so long
  2. I think Lucasarts/Rebellion should find a way to get the *new* version of battlefront 3 to be at least on par with the scrapped version. Its sad to see a feature everyone here wanted to be replaced by cutscenes. I would even be willing to wait longer if they managed to get it working. The large maps, interactive environment (stormtroopers saluting), destructive terrain, multiple capital ships, and campaign looked great. Too bad FR closed shop though. I wonder why lucasarts didn't just purchase rights to use the engine?
  3. you could get it directly from lucasarts...maybe. (btw, gold pack comes with extra maps....not really good extra maps, but still)
  4. It would be great if they somehow added in RT4X features that Sins of a Solar Empire had (read: more tactics, ship HP carrying over, multiple battles at same time, more interactive tech tree, scalability, fix the stupid CTD (UaW had SOOO MANY of these...and my PC is only 1&1/2 years old! If you're going to tell me to get a new computer (that is vista, shudders), then you're shutting out a huge percentage of computer users. FoC didn't crash as much (or at all) as UaW), NO gfw:live, ADD in diplomacy/small factions, mutiny in empire, etc.) and made land more fun (read: carry over things from UaW, or better yet, scrap land in its current form to allow RT battles and empire management as in SoSE and come up with a new method somehow. I never got how a conclusion on a small battlefield on a entire planet decided how that planets affiliation would be. Or why my space units couldn't help more on land (or if a mod did, how to solve scaling issues, and engine pathing issues)) Lucasarts should make games in house, I mean, IL&M has so good quality models they made for the movies. If they just took those models and instead of going from the ground up, scaled them down in quality so the average user could run it and strapped it to a good (efficient) engine, that would be a GREAT game! Would save the time of creating the game models, so they can focus on game mechanics, map design (or maybe use the movies ones), features, etc.
  5. and I'd like to remind everyone that making AI attack the player over other AI doesn't make a better Ai. (which has happened before many times in SWBF2, they'd specifically target me when I'm far, far away than close by AI.
  6. "Set Up Another Attack Run"-Last Transmission From Unknown Alliance Pilot I plan to make a new signature from this screen since my old one was too big... Its from a custom map I made. Its in a more true "3-d" setting. I got the idea after my friend asked why all of the units were on a plane in space.
  7. do you mean you are saving IN BATTLE? when doing that, saving time does take longer depending on your computer. On my old desktop saving in-battle took a long time(upwards of 5 minutes, I know cause I had to save for the carida mission since I was taking things slowly)). On my new (better) on, it is about 10 seconds....about the not being able to save/100mb part I don't know why.
  8. same happened to me. just have to reset. this doesn't belong in this forum
  9. Empire has boba and tie scouts...easy win against ANY fighter combination. I was up against AI of like 20 Y-wings and 10 x-wings (and other ships), same pop cap as 3 tartans worth of tie scouts and boba(5 tie scouts, 1 boba) killed the fighters FASTER than 3 tartans (3 tartans would die versus the y-wings hands down) while the rest of my pop cap was ISD's...worked quite well... Consortium has their overpowered crusader (which 10 can take down a lvl 5 space station if used right by themselves) and buzz droids, no problem there (maybe bossak which has missles which are always effective versus fighters, splash damage) Rebels are harder. there are no easy fast killer that is effective. A-wings aren't worth it, nor are fighter counters. Either Solo who is SLLOOOWW in killing fighters (but does) or maruders (make sure to protect them)...corvettes don't work versus bombers(especially when the emps spam the garrison bombers against the corvettes), but the rebel corvette works wonders against anything else, (surprisingly the tartan can be killed by x-wings) I will say that fighters if used right on the other hand can be effective. if you had the time to micromanage your x-wings for example you could turn the foils on AFTER they've fired (vs a ship) to speed up their setting up another run, and turn if off before they fire again to increase damage. Empire can use ties as cover, and free bombers rock. Consortium Buzz droids are a cheap way to counter corvettes and fighters, and their bombers are okay, which has the ability equivalent of the interdictor (in a waY) but cheaper
  10. Or rather just REMOVED them..but then income would be hard....
  11. agreed...does it go away after you reload the save file? (sometimes it does)...
  12. hmm.a few plexes and/or anti-viaecle turrets work fine....the t2-b is weaker, but it is faster (and can run back to a repair station) and emps don't have their version of the plex soldier...
  13. (all Foc) Empire: Space: Boba (goes great against any rebel fleet as the fighters go boom so no need for tartans) Land: Palpatine (Force Corrupt works wonders) Rebels: Space: Home One (eh......Luke's lucky shot is too slow to regen and only 1 harpoint, rogue squadron is useless) Land: The general guy with the huge battletank Consortium: Space: Tyber (.....) Land: Siri (health drain + rancor = ultimate r1 hero raid fleet)
  14. NO BUILDING GARRISONS AT-AT'S! actually, it isn't quite hard as you would have infinite time to build up your ground fleet. The only annoying part is that HERO space units reappear so you have to leave a big fleet in the planet they spawn in.
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