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  1. never happened to me maybe you just got unlucky?
  2. what planets in the demo do not have any maps? since I cant go on coraluag, bestine and a few other ones
  3. I think they might afterall on the pff.swrebellion forums they made the droideka work in eaw so why not both ways?
  4. Yes I believe we are. also how in hell do you get the galactic ai to work? nothing seems to have any effect
  5. HOLY **** ! Man the guys at legacyofwar will not be happy... (or will they?, since now they dont have to model as much and can concencrate on things that are not in the buyable version). Thanks DMUK
  6. don't ask me I cannot install it as my dvd drive seems to think it's a cd drive
  7. Uh-oh no idea (then again I am from poland)
  8. Is the patch only for the cd version of the game? since if it is how do I get rid of bugs in the dvd version?
  9. as far as I know kenobi has the force heal ability so when hes about to die...
  10. the demo has a fully working mon cal(mods) it is invaunreable to shield generator destruction
  11. and who dies on the ds tarkin?(your pic)
  12. Better get red squadron ready! Oh and 'Remember, the force will be with you, always.'
  13. i used this trick on enemy ai to win I made them fly into the nebula/asteroid field.
  14. the falcon is a bit overpowered I took out the victory and acclamator still having lots of health left
  15. I wanted to kill the imp officer for stealing my glory.
  16. yes but those take more time than the reinforcenments to come. also does anyone have an idea on how to do other stuff on it except for the 5 tuts and the galactic conquest?
  17. just 1 thing why is the AI so easy to beat? also the defender of a base is well screwed since you can just keep bringing more and more troops in from space
  18. The space battle in galactic conquest it may be short but taking out that victory class star destroyer... ahh
  19. there is a rank? where does it say it? damn so far mine is 83%
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