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  1. Watch the force trailer.. its a next gen. star wars game http://ps3.ign.com/objects/823/823668.html Looks like it wont be out for a long time though..
  2. Im trying to see what the games like by downloading the 10 day trial, but when it offers either AOL or the other one, it wont go any farther than that. i click on AOL and it just makes a dumb sound and wont do anything.. so yeah ummmm.........wtf?
  3. In my kotor 2 game for pc ive trained handmaiden to be my apprentice but ive seen in screenshots and strategy guides Bao-Dur and Atton with Lightsabers and they're force sensitive. Can i train them to be my apprentice as well??
  4. At first I just thought I was Dark, because of all the crap goin on and me not knowing how to deal with it, but then Ive found helping people is the best and it makes u feel just as good. So yeah, LIGHT.
  5. it better not only be for the 360..they gotta have it for pc..maybe even ps3. but i doubt it..but seriously, 360 only?
  6. Whoa i saved it to the override folder and it says i dont have permission now what?
  7. So its a cheat or something? And it only works for some character skins?
  8. Im full dark side now and Ive seen in screen shots.. how do my characters eyes turn gold? And im pretty sure my face would get more dissolved than that. lol. Am I able to get my character like that??
  9. The beginning about traveling to the academy's, great ideas.
  10. Thanks guys i got it. Thanks for helping out. Edit: Is there anywhere else to go after Peragus II, Telos, Dantooine, Onderron, Nar Shadaa, and the other place? Or is that all? Alkova Lexis, Just an FYI, having multiple posts in a row is called Double Posting, it is a no-no, if you have the last post in a thread and wish to add something please use the "edit this" feature. Thanks! -RH
  11. Okay thanks, I talked to Bao-Dur he just says "No you're missing a lens" but the thing is, is that i have created 3 lens, and i bought some from this old lady on Dantooine. (Shes the one that sells all the Jedi artifacts and stuff.) So do i need a specific lens? Or is Bao-Dur just dumb? Thanks again for the responses everyone
  12. okay, thanx... So far i have a blue crystal, an emitter, the lens, and the energy cell. Is there anything i am missing? If so, where do i get it? By the way i am still on Telos and I need a way off! Im havin trouble figuring out how to MAKE a lightsaber. I mean do i start under "create item" or "upgrade item" ???
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